Don’t Relocate Your Office Without Considering These Crucial Factors

Office relocation can be a major disruption for your business. Indeed, it can cost you a great deal of money, as well as valuable time. Not to mention cause all sorts of disruption! That is why ist important to carefully consider all the important issues related to moving your office location before you begin. Read on to find out what they are. 

Cost implications 

First of all, before you decide to swap your office for a new location you need to think about all the costs involved. For example, the lease may be more expensive, especially if it’s in a prime location, and this will raise your overheads and so impact your bottom line. 

Additionally, the costs involved in securing a new building and getting it ready for use can be significant. This is particularly the case if the building you choose is not in a state that is ready to use and that needs considerable renovation and aesthetic work. 

Lastly, do not forget that the actual act of moving your business from one premise to another will cost you money too. Indeed,  in addition to the removal costs, and set up costs that will cover getting your communications and IT installed, you will need to make sure you have someone dedicated to overseeing the project which will increase the costs involved. 

Location implications 

You also need to consider the implications of a new location on your business. The good news is that for offices logistics related to delivering your product to customers will be less important. However, your business will still need to be easily accessible for office supply deliveries, and visitors. 

Additionally, making sure that your staff can easily reach your office is vital. Yet, making this calculation can be very complicated indeed, as there are a great many data points to factor in. Fortunately, you can use tools like this driving distance matrix to help you. Indeed, you can enter the coordinates of your new office location and employees’ home to check that everyone can make it into the office. Therefore ensuring that it is a viable option for your next site.

IT implications 

To run effectively your office will need fast and reliable IT hardware and software. However, moving this from one site to another can be tricky. This is because IT equipment needs to be properly and carefully moved, as well as packed in special ways to minimize the chance of damage. 

In particular servers and data centers will require specialist packing to minimize any risk of damage or the build-up of static. They will also need to be checked on during the move, which means that using a specialist company is best. Although, this will increase your moving costs so it is important to account for this in your budget. 

Additionally, servers will need to be the last thing powered down and packed, and the first thing installed on your new site. This is because by doing it this way you will minimize downtime.

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