Relocate Your Business Premises Like A Pro

The old adage of location, location, location has never been more apt than when choosing the physical presence of your business. As a small business owner, it is vital that you situate your offices, store or restaurant where you can secure the highest footfall of traffic, procure the finest employees and can be appropriately located for services and community links. Often, this is too difficult to get right first time around, and you can learn from your


It was once the case that your offices could be the blandest shade of beige with reams of booths, each containing an individual who sat at a desk with a mammoth tower computer and a landline telephone. In the twenty-first century, offices have changed for the better. They are now environments that need to be developed into spaces that foster creativity, promote agile working and allow the free expression of ideas.

Shared spaces and pods that allow more discussion, ad hoc meetings, and brainstorming ensure that you capture the best ideas for taking your business forward. Booths are no longer the optimum work space for your employees who will relish the freedom of hot-desking. By having numerous workstations, you will be able to provide a range of different environments in which your employees can work. Having a bright workspace, with greenery, natural light and comfortable furniture will show your staff that they are valued. This, in turn, instills a sense of camaraderie and shared vision which can boost productivity.

Practicalities Of The Move

To achieve this vision of a productive office, you need to relocate all the hardware, equipment and files from your old premises to your new one. By sourcing a company that specializes in office furniture services, you can ensure that the move to your new premises and the subsequent reconfiguration will be carried out professionally. This outsourcing also saves time and effort on your part, enabling your employees to focus on the bigger business picture.

Money Matters

Premises cost money. The rent that you are currently paying will probably increase if you are sourcing a building that is bigger, in a better area for foot traffic and with greater transport links. You will need to factor in potential new cleaning contracts, carpets, furniture, and equipment. The initial outlay may be a hefty expense, and your business needs to be able to manage this outgoing.

You must ensure that you incorporate this new cost into your business plan and adapt your financial forecasts. Your business needs to be ready for expansion, and the profit numbers still need to stack up to make any new premises a viable option.

Relocating any successful business is scary especially as you are seemingly gambling with your future endeavors. However, get it right, and this could be just the beginning of your business expansion.

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