How Your Business Can Build a Great Reputation

Growing a business is tough. We tend to focus on getting seen with our digital presence and marketing strategies, as well as customer service and the essentials like product development. But, have you considered your company’s reputation? With new businesses starting up all of the time, it can be hard to stand out. Even if your product or service is fantastic, it’s unlikely to be unique. Building an excellent reputation is one sure way to get noticed and to stand out from any other companies in your niche. But how can you do it? Let’s take a look.

Charity Work

Setting up a company wide initiative to help and support local charities can be a wonderful way to get noticed, build a reputation and even boost staff morale. No one ever feels better than when they are helping others. When it comes to working with charities you’ve got a few options. You could set up a volunteer scheme, giving your staff extra time off to volunteer. You could host sponsored events, or even donate money from an office fund. What you chose depends on your situation and staffing levels, but it’s certainly worth doing something to help others.

Go Green

Climate change is a huge problem and one which most people feel they can’t do anything about on their own. This isn’t the case. If every company and individual made a few small changes, it could have a noticeable effect. Going green doesn’t need to break your budget either. In fact, in some cases, it could save you money, or you could even be eligible for a grant to help. A few of the things you do include:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Using electric company cars
  • Installing water dams on your toilets
  • Fixing dripping taps
  • Printing double sided
  • Switching to sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers
  • Saving to the cloud and avoiding printing where possible
  • Turning lights off when you leave a room
  • Encouraging staff to wear jumpers to reduce heating costs

You don’t have to do it all straight away but try to do as much as you can to get known as a green business.

Keep Your Promises

So many companies get a bad reputation because they make ambitious promises which they are unable to keep. Promising next day delivery for example, when it’s not realistic. Be honest, don’t make promises you can’t keep. If it’s going to be 3-5 days, say that. Your customers would rather be aware of a wait, than be disappointed when a promise isn’t delivered on.


That brings us to honesty. One of the most important parts of building a great business reputation. Think of a restaurant. A customer is waiting for an hour for their food, with no communication at all. They’ll be angry, they’ll complain, and they’ll tell other people. Had someone gone over as soon as it became apparent that there was a problem with the order, been honest and apologetic, and offered alternatives that same customer would have remembered fantastic customer service, not delayed food. Honesty in business is always the best policy.

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