Close to Home Travel: Travel Tips for Spring and Summer

Lindsay Myers

Trying to figure out your spring break travel plans? What makes sense? Travel may be a challenge right now, depending on where you are in the world, but you still have options.

We reached out to budget travel and lifestyle expert, Lindsay Myers, with our questions, and she had some wonderful travel tips for spring and summer! (And really any time of year!)

With spring break coming up and people not feeling comfortable about traveling with the airlines, what types of options do people have?

I understand that people might be hesitant about traveling. But I think if you just stay smart, healthy and wash your hands, you can still have an adventure. Get in your car and have a road trip!

We have been taking weekly road trips exploring a new place each week. Not enough people take advantage of this beautiful country we live in.

  • In California, you can surf and ski in the same day before lunch! Open up the map and hit the road.
  • If you live NYC, take a drive to Stowe Vermont. An adorable ski town that really makes you feel like a world away.
  • If you live in Miami, head north and check out Amelia Island. You can have that beach trip, Amelia Island is very special.
  • Or if you live in Cleveland, why not check out the Finger Lakes and go wine tasting.

Adventure is all around us. You can still have your spring break, just drive there!

What are some of your best budget tips that you can share for those that are trying to plan an epic trip with limited funds?

Budget travel is what I do best! We always book accommodations that have a kitchen. You save so much money by not eating out 3 meals a day. You can still experience the local cuisine by shopping at the local market, but you are just making it yourself.

Flexibility- This might sound like commons sense, but so many people only search for specific times and dates. If you open up the search you will be amazed at how the prices change day-to-day.

My favorite is Google flights. You can search your departure city and then just hit search and it will show you the prices for anywhere and it shows the full calendar.

My last one is to plan and travel for yourself. Meaning, don’t try to copy other people’s trips. If you see it all over social media, it usually means it’s popular and touristy, which equals pricey.

What are some of the cheapest places to travel right now that people should consider?

Spring is a great time to travel to Europe. It’s the time before the high season really hits and the weather is mild. Portugal is one of my top affordable places. The country is gorgeous and cheap for Europe. Your money can go really far.

In the US, I always suggest for people to think outside the box and go to the smaller cities. We wanted to enjoy the wine country in California. Napa is pricey, so we went to San Luis Obispo. You are still getting the experience, but saving so much money.

If you really want to have a big trip, Bali is the most affordable place I have ever visited. The flight is going to be the only thing expensive. You can stay in very nice accommodations for under $40 a night.

With all the traveling you’ve personally done, what’s been your favorite trip, and why?

Ireland. I feel like it gets left out when people travel. If you go to Europe you mostly do Italy, France, and England. But people don’t take the extra effort to jump on a 30-minute plane ride to Ireland. I was guilty of this too. I just went for the first time last year. It really blew me away. It was lush and beautiful. The people were so kind and genuine. You can drive from east to west in 3 hours. Rent a car and just go, it will be the most scenic drive you will ever experience. I think it’s my favorite because it caught me by surprise how special it was. We loved it so much we got married there this year. And a huge plus is that it’s affordable!


A lot of our readers tend to be workaholics, starting a new business or all about the hustle of growing their brand. Can you talk a bit about the importance of hitting pause for self-care, and why taking trips (big or small) is so important?

Travel is something people don’t make a priority. I hope to change that. It is so important for many reasons. First of all, it is a huge stress reliever. We get lost in our daily grind of routine and schedules. We put so much pressure on ourselves. If we take a moment to step away from our lives, it allows us to relax and recharge. When these daily stresses are taken out of the equation, we become different people. We are better people, friends, partners, parents, etc..

Studies show, in just two days, 80% of Americans that have gone on a trip their stress level dropped.

Being stress-free brings us to a calm and content lifestyle. We find this inner peace when we are experiencing a new place that expands our minds. It helps us to re-wire our brains which will boost our moods and self-confidence. We start to reinvent ourselves and reflect. We look at priorities and what really matters in life.

What are your favorite travel apps?

Apps should be your best friend! They have an app for everything. We constantly compare places to stay. We book mostly last minute.

I first check the app, because you can filter it to show not only hotels but also apartments, bed & breakfasts, guest house, etc.

I also love Hotels Tonight. It’s really great for last-minute discounted hotels. If you can wait to book, this is the best place for deals.

Airbnb, which is an option anywhere in the world.

MyTaxi is a great app when you are traveling internationally. It allows you to book and schedule local taxis and you can pay through the app.

And lastly, I use my photo editing app all the time. My favorite is Snapseed.  It’s really easy to use and it makes your photos look professional.

More About Lindsay

Lindsay Myers is a Los Angeles-based budget travel and lifestyle expert whose outside-the-box approach proves you don’t have to pay top dollar to experience all that life has to offer… all you need is a mix of creativity and a thirst for adventure!

Myers’ sparkling personality, fresh fashion know-how, and knack for balling on a budget have made her a regular feature on Access Hollywood while earning her a spot as celebrity stylist Brad Goreski’s travel sidekick on Bravo’s“Brad, Brad World,” as well as a solo travel series on

Myers has made her luxury travel and lifestyle dreams come true and now shares her secret budget tips and tricks, proving herself to be an expert in the field and a true woman of influence. This lovable “girl next door” brings the full force of her media experience and budget-minded magic to making the high life accessible to and affordable for all. “People assume that you need a ton of money to experience everything life has to offer. I have made it my mission to prove them wrong.”

In the last year alone, Myers planned her fairytale wedding at an Irish castle followed by a thirty-day Italian honeymoon on a dime while scoring a designer wedding gown for less than a pair of late-night movie tickets.

Today, more than 50,000 Instagram fans look to Myers for hot tips on living luxe without breaking the bank and an empowering message that when you embrace your own beautiful, powerful voice, “then you truly succeed.” Follow @GetLostWithLindsay and to learn more.

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