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Dinner Party with Friends

At BashBLOK, we think good manners are always appreciated. Whether it be at the dinner table, a social gathering or the boardroom, common courtesy and kindness is always a must and can certainly make you stand out among your peers. We may not dress for dinner or use the correct fork for salad anymore but the importance making a good impression still carries on. I took a Miss Manners class when I was in third grade and I find that I still use much of what I learned on a day-to-day basis. Though, when things get a little hectic and I need a gentle reminder on social graces, I refer to my personal library of etiquette books.


  1. Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm, by Helen Valentine & Alice Thompson. Originally published in 1938, ‘Better Than Beauty’, is always within reach for team BashBLOK. Whether it’s the good, the bad or the inevitable ugly social situation, this title focuses on conquering it all with charm.
  2. Entertaining is Fun!, by Dorothy Draper. I have always been a fan of all things Dorothy Draper. Her personal and decorative style have lived on for decades and I love her collection of publications. Her tips on entertaining are certainly the gold standard and you will certainly learn a thing or two on staying timeless and elegant. For adding some major punch to your home interior, I also love her other title, ‘Decorating is Fun!’
  3. How to Be a Gentleman, by John Bridges. For a gentleman in the making this is an excellent place to start and also a team BashBLOK favorite. This is one of several etiquette offerings from the famous menswear retailer. Other titles include: ‘A Gentleman Abroad’, ‘A Gentleman at the Table’, ’50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know’, ‘A Gentleman Entertains’ and others.
  4. Modern Manners, by Dorothea Johnson & Liv Tyler. The Grandmother and Granddaughter team of Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler bring you a title on conquering the business and social world. I love that this is a collaboration of two very different generations sharing a passion for politeness. Manners matter everywhere!

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