Why Is Breakfast Important?

Why is breakfast important?

The word breakfast literally means breaking the fast after a night’s slumber, and it’s widely regarded as the most important meal of the day. Despite this knowledge many people skip breakfast or fill up on sugary foods that will lead to a sure-fire mid-morning slump. Not exactly ideal for a day of work! So why is breakfast important? We’ve got just a few of the reasons below!

Eating Breakfast Decreases Feelings of Sluggishness

As part of Quaker Oats’ #SuperSmart campaign, the brand commissioned new research to look into the morning routine of British adults. It was found that 71% of people completed their morning commute in a “zombie state” functioning on autopilot until 9:40am. A quarter of participants skipped breakfast, with a further 29% only sipping on tea or coffee first thing. “While different routines work for different people, a nutritious breakfast will help everyone start the day well,” Duncan McKay, Senior Marketing Manager from Quaker Oats, commented, urging adults to get a good start to the day.

Feasting on oats in the morning is great idea for both adults and children, as the food is a source of slow releasing energy which will keep you alert right up until lunch.

Eating Breakfast Decreases Stroke Risk

Earlier this year, a study from Osaka University came to light, that found the more days per week participants had breakfast, the lower their risk of having a stroke. The team studied 82,000 men and women to draw their conclusion, with results adding weight to the argument that breakfast is vital for the body to perform well. Try and set some time aside for a nutritious breakfast, like avocado on wholemeal toast.

Eating Breakfast Makes You Smarter

Late last year, Cardiff University looked at the effects that breakfast has on children. After monitoring 5,000 kids aged between 9 to 11, it was found that children are twice as likely to score higher than average grades if they start the day with a healthy breakfast. Eggs have been found to be a particularly great morning food, thanks to the high protein content which will keep you fuller for longer.

Do you eat breakfast every morning? Share with us some of your favorite foods that kickstart your day!

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