The Interior Design Trends For Winter 2019

Interior Design Trends For Winter 2019

Every season, our interior and exterior design trends change, sometimes rather drastically. They are usually developed by the new designers of the year who often are displayed at the design conferences of the year, some of which are Maison and Objet, in Paris, where many world designers come to show their work, as well as multiple design fairs across the world, the Singapore Furniture Fair and the official Design Fair, the official four day industry event that takes place in London. What are the new trends for businesses to take on board for this coming season; simply, brands are focusing more so on sustainability, following the trends in the news and the fears of climate change. The need for a green industrial revolution is looming and some interiors are becoming more popular this season, but which ones in particular?

Painted Ceilings

This has recently been a huge trend that has been seen across many interior magazines. The bold colors for ceilings, bring a new dynamic to an otherwise plain room and can be an incredible statement. We are seeing this trend more and more it shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to this exciting new design, water-based paints are of course non- toxic, which make them a great choice for green living builders and interior designers. They are almost completely sustainable, even their packaging, tin most often, can be recycled. When you look at brands such as, you can see that they already sell natural paint.

Concrete & Stone

This season, there has been a huge development of brand new stone buildings and one of the most popular choices is reduced-carbon concrete. Concrete is the second most used material after water, so moving forward to make it more environmentally friendly will be important.  Its sustainability is vital and it also looks exceptionally modern. Any natural stone has a beautiful stacked effect, which works beautifully for both exterior and interior. Brands such as offer this and it gives an incredibly plush look. For interior use, it can be highlighted perfectly with colored lighting and another statement interior piece, huge bold plants can also create a light, airy design for any room. 


Bamboo has never really lost its fashionability so to speak, it has always been a staple in many Eastern trends but it seems to be circulating once more within the design trends of 2019. Many new furniture designers have opted to work and create with bamboo, it looks modern, it has a natural element and can look gorgeous with muted colors, such as muted purples and blues. It’s ability to grow profusely, means that it is incredibly sustainable and can be easily replanted. It also does not need to have any treatment, which reduces any toxic substance usage. Its waxy texture means it doesn’t need to even be painted so it will always remain a beautifully natural material that we will see much more of before we hit the new decade! 

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