4 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great (Even in the Bathroom)


One of the first things people notice when they step into your home is the fragrance in the air. There’s no denying that every house has a unique scent attached to it, but here’s a list of ways you can ensure your home always has that fresh, aromatic scent in the air, all day, every day! Let’s dive right in.

1. Use Anti-Odor Drops in Your Toilet

That’s right, we’re starting with the hardest. Bathrooms can be a pain simply because the fragrance of room fresheners doesn’t last long no matter how many times you spray it. But here’s a tip you may not have heard before: instead of wasting your time and money on regular room fresheners and sprays that are going to run out pretty soon, invest in anti-odor drops that are more economical and also last longer, while being plant-based and having a potent yet subtle aroma. To do this, simply purchase a scent of your choice from the Aesop skincare line and put a few drops of it into your toilet. The results will be impressive, to say the least. 

Apart from this, you can also add fabric softener to your toilet tank for similar results.

2. Put Essential Oils in Your Air Filter

Another way to make the best of the healing and calming benefits of essential oils is to add them to your air filters. The air filters will then push the scent throughout the house, which will make the entire house smell great. The major perk of this method is that essential oils are natural and healthier than artificial fragrances that are loaded with chemicals, no matter how fruity and refreshing they smell!

3. Light Those Scented Candles

That’s right, those scented candles you use as decor need to be lighted if you want to make the best of their aroma! Most candles can lose their scent if they’re not used for a very long time, so it’s advisable to use them within a few months of buying them. Additionally, their scent tends to linger longer than normal room fresheners, making them a great option for rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. These are especially great to use if you’re expecting guests since they also give the room a warm aesthetic appeal.

4. Use Potpourri

The benefit of investing in high-quality potpourri is that they look and smell great at the same time, just like scented candles. Potpourri can also be made at home with a dried-up bouquet and some essential oils, giving you the advantage of customizing the scent to suit your taste.

One of the drawbacks of potpourri, however, is that they tend to lose their fragrance and then just sit there in a bowl collecting dust. A way to combat this problem is to remove them from their bowl as soon as their scent reduces, and then place them to simmer on your stovetop to make your entire home smell like heaven.

Just put it in a bowl, pour some water in and try squeezing in some lemon and vanilla for that calming, homely smell. You can also use cinnamon and other citrus flavors. The warmth of the potpourri allows the smell to spread better and be more strong than regular potpourri, so you can save this hack for when guests come over!


Apart from trying out all the tips and tricks given above to make your home and bathroom smell like a dream, it’s also important to make sure there are no odor-inducing elements found around the house to really give your home that fresh fragrance. Make sure you regularly clean air filters, carpets, shoes, garbage disposals, refrigerators, etc, to effectively tackle unpleasant odors commonly found in houses. 

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