How Can I Strengthen My Public Speaking Skills?

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Public speaking engagements can be some of the most nerve-wrecking, yet rewarding experiences. The thought of getting up in front of a room filled with people and having their undivided attention focused on you can send a shiver down the most composed person’s spine, but thankfully there are a few tips we can offer to ease your nerves.

Preparation Is Half The Battle
Rehearsing your presentation or speech as much as possible before your big day will greatly help ease your anxiety. Knowing that you’ve gone over what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say, will help you walk onto the stage with confidence… and your audience will pick up on that and engage accordingly. If you need notecards, don’t be afraid to use them, but don’t rely too heavily on them as it will be apparent to your audience.

Know Your Audience
Do as much research as you can about the venue you’re speaking at. Knowing your crowd will help you figure out how to shape your speech. There’s a big difference in how you’d want to present to a serious crowd versus a lighter crowd. Knowing details like that ahead of time will not only help to ease your nerves, but it will also make for a more engaging presentation.

Eye Contact Is Important
Staring at your notes or presentation materials is tempting when you have to choose between that and looking at a room full of strangers. But trust us, everyone engaging in your speech will appreciate you and what you have to say much more if you remain focused on them. Look at your audience and around the room as you speak, only glancing at your notes when necessary. This lets the crowd see that you’re knowledgeable and confident in the topic you’re presenting, and it will help provide a better experience for everyone involved.

Look Good, Feel Good
We all usually feel out best when we look our best, so when you’re speaking, do it in your power outfit. Your power outfit is the one that makes you feel like you could rule the world as soon as you put it on. We all have one or two! Just remember to make sure it adheres to the dress code of the event.

We know there are more public speaking tips out there, so if you’ve uncovered secrets that work for you, share them with us in our comment section below!

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