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Today’s business climate is fast-paced, dynamic and more than a little cut-throat. While some women thrive under those conditions, kicking butts and taking names like the empowered, shoulder padded goddesses they are it’s not an environment where everyone can flourish. The business world is a jungle of glass and steel where high heeled apex predators stalk their prey. Women who are motivated by success, wealth and power thrive there, but if you’re empathic in nature then it can lead to a lack of belonging that can result in boredom at best and depression at worst. Empaths thrive on the emotional well being of others, they tend to take criticism seriously but harshly and are often chided at work for being ‘too emotional’, making them ill suited to the current business climate.

If you leave work feeling emotionally drained, frustrated and unfulfilled then this is for you!

The absolute worst careers for empaths

Through happenstance or financial necessity, we all find ourselves in jobs we hate. The thing is that empaths take everything seriously, including jobs in which they may not be emotionally invested in. This can lead them to getting promoted and advancing in careers where they might be doing well despite experiencing daily misery. If you’re an empath in any of these careers then you may need to jump ship for the sake of your mental health.

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Public relations
  • Technical support
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Police

These tend to be emotionally draining jobs that involve dealing with upset or angry people on a regular basis and / or require you to be ‘on’ at all times affording you little in the way of introspection or meaningful interpersonal relationships.

But even the best have caveats

Though there are many careers better suited to empaths we’ll try to keep your expectations realistic. Even our dream jobs can be challenging at times…

Nursing- Nursing is a wonderful career that allows you to make a real difference in people’s lives on a day-to-day basis. You get the emotional gratification that comes with caring for people and seeing their health improve but remember that patients in pain or emotional stress can lash out at the nearest person and that may occasionally be you. Click here for more info.

Ultrasound technician- Much like a nurse, you’ll enjoy helping people on a day to day basis while working with the equipment will appeal to the technically minded. You’ll work with expectant mothers or those with internal injuries whose needs can’t be met by intrusive surgeries. Unfortunately the same caveats as nursing apply and you may find yourself confronted by emotionally volatile people whose negative energy you should avoid absorbing. Click here for more info.

Teaching- Teaching is a wonderful profession that enables us to imbue young people with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become successful adults. You’ll forge great relationships with your colleagues and students and get the gratification of watching their minds expand as they mature. That said it is a stressful and demanding job and you may often feel like your best is never good enough. Click here for more info.

Massage therapist- If you’re a tactile person, you may enjoy relieving people’s aches and pains through massage. Massage therapy is a wonderfully low-stress job because you’re actively relieving stress every day. Just so long as you don’t mind occasionally confronting the odd hairy back. Click here for more info.

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