The Best Portable Data Storage Devices For Your Business

Portable Data Storage Devices

All businesses collect hoards of data every single day. This includes data on your customers, data on your employees, data on your business dealings, etc. If you lose any of this, then your business will be in trouble. So, you need to back your data up away from your computers. 

One way of doing this is by utilizing cloud software. This is highly recommended, but you should also take additional measures to keep your data safe and secure. As such, you need to back up your data to portable devices that you can take with you away from the office and store securely. 

With that in mind, here are some portable data storage devices that you may want to consider: 

USB Sticks

USB sticks are very popular as they combine decent storage capacity with a convenient size. You can get ones that are small enough to clip onto your keychain and be brought around with you wherever you go. The fact you can clip them on to things reduces the odds that you’ll lose a USB stick. 

However, the drawbacks are that they can be easily broken and don’t possess loads of storage capacity. You can get some in the tens of gigabytes, but that might not be enough for you. As for durability, you should try and find ones that are made using the overmolding process. This process ensures that they’re encased in a material that offers more protection for the circuitry inside. Therefore, it should be more resistant to bumps and bruises or bad weather conditions. 

SD Cards

This type of data storage is pretty much only targetted at people with minimal storage needs. best SD cards are small and can be tucked away in your purse – which is both a pro and a con. It’s a pro because you can keep them on you at all times. But, it’s a con because they’re small enough to go missing if you’re not careful. 

As for the storage capacity, it varies from card to card. Still, you should be able to find one for a reasonable price that offers enough storage for document files. If you’re storing loads of data files – or looking to back a whole system onto one device – then this isn’t the option for you. 

Portable Hard Drives

Lastly, this is the best choice in terms of storage capacity. Portable hard drives offer an extension to your regular hard drive. You can get ones that offer enough storage space to handle a full backup of all your data. This, you get the added security benefit of keeping all your data in one place. 

However, portable hard drives are the least portable of all three devices. They can’t be carried in your pocket or on your keychain, so you’d need to keep them in a bag if you’re moving it. 

Backing up your data to a portable device is crucial. What happens if your system goes down, and you also have no internet to access the cloud? With a backup device, you can still access all the vital files you need to conduct your work. So, weigh up each option and decide which one is best for your business. 


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