4 Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

It is important to keep your business safe. Just like how you ensure that you have locks and alarms to keep your physical premises safe, you need to ensure that you have this level of security for all of your computer-based technology. Cybersecurity is critical as without it you are leaving your business open to threats from unauthorized people who can change things within your business and steal information and money. Below there are 4 tips on how you can keep your business safe:

Protect your computers and network

For your computers and network to be safe, you need to put software on your computer to stop any malware from damaging or affecting your network without you knowing. You need a firewall installed that can form the first-line defense against any threats. You then need to identify any other risks that your network and devices can come under. Once you have found them, you will be able to find the right way to ensure that you do everything you can to reduce these risks.

You also need to ensure that your computers, networks, and software are kept up to date because any software that isn’t up to date can easily be manipulated. You are putting your company at risk if you do not keep everything up to date.

Create a security policy

You need a cybersecurity policy that all your employees follow so that nobody puts the business at unnecessary risk. Ensure that nobody installs anything on work devices that they shouldn’t. If they are required to pick a password, follow the guidelines of a strong password (a mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers) and let them know that if they have any questions or concerns that they should come to you and let you know. 

Create social media guidelines

Social media is so commonly used that, even if you have a website, you will probably also have social media accounts. You need to ensure that no confidential information is ever put on your social media pages and that whoever is in charge of the social media accounts is experienced and trustworthy. Have guidelines about what you want to post on your social media; if you only want marketing content posted, then make sure whoever is in charge of it knows. More importantly, learn how to use social media to your advantage. 

Keep all your company devices safe

Not only do you need software to keep your companies software safe, you also need physical measures to keep them safe. If one of your devices gets stolen, they may be able to access lots of data and information that you do not want them to. Ensure that any physical premises that you have can be properly secured at night with locks and alarms. You could even have a swipe system in place that only allows members of your team in during the day. Don’t forget to get employees on board so they can let you know if they notice anything that looks strange or that is missing.


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