Outsource These Business Functions To Streamline Your Startup

Outsourcing is still seen as a concept that needs to be organized in secret. The idea of surrendering your business functions to strangers and not having the capability to complete all of the tasks you need to yourself is seen as something to be ashamed of. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of seeing outsourcing as ‘surrendering’ something, you should simply view it as delegating, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and sourcing the necessary expertise for the good of your business. If you outsource those duties and functions that can streamline your business you will be able to maximize its chances of thriving.


No one likes spending half a day every week calculating the payroll of their staff. Overtime, pensions and tax obligations require different formulas to be followed and percentages to be knocked off. The whole idea of payroll is a minefield so it might pay to outsource this function to a specialist payroll team. These people will work out the pay of your staff each week, ensure that it gets deposited at the right time and to the right place or account. The responsibility and stress of sorting this admin function out shifts away from you. This streamlines your business as it allows you the time and energy to concentrate on implementing other aspects of your startup’s vision.

IT Troubleshooting

There’s nothing worse than being unable to hook up to an important Skype meeting because your WiFi is down. Downtime can affect any business but you need to limit this to the minimum time possible. If your WiFi is patchy all day, upload speeds are shockingly slow, and the network of computers you have don’t perform, you need to consider some external IT support. These computer whizzes can act as a helpdesk ensuring that you remain as active as possible. They can take IT problems from any member of your staff and rectify them quickly. You could also embed greater levels of cybersecurity that they can implement on your behalf. The chances of you being able to cope with your IT if and when you expand is slim. Bite the bullet and enhance your productivity with the guidance of an IT support team.

Social Media

If you are becoming bogged down in ensuring that your cash flow remains buoyant, making sure that your funding is still present and having the lease sorted on your business premises, the chances are the last thing on your mind is firing off a relevant and SEO enabled tweet. Forget the social media channels for a while, and allow an external social media manager to oversee your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They will post relevant content, direct traffic to your website and increase sales. A social media manager can also contribute to your blog and formulate a strategy to ensure greater online exposure and more followers for your brand.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it all. Delegate and outsource to streamline your startup.

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