Get Efficient: Making Your Business More Effective

Efficiency is something that’s sorely lacking in many business. Extra efficiency means that things can be done more quickly and with the least amount of stress possible and it’s something to strive after no matter what industry you’re in. Here are a few tips to help you make you business more effective.

Quit Those Meetings

First of all, it might be time to ditch those meetings. Depending on what sort of person you are, you might either love them because it means half an hour away from your desk, or you might hate them because it means they’re wasting your time – but either way, a lot of meetings simply don’t need to happen or they involve far more staff members than they really need to. Make sure that meetings only involve people who really need to be there, and that they don’t take too long. If you find that meetings take up too much of your time, start to have them while you’re standing up.

Start Talking More

You might think that emails and instant messages are the best way to communicate with your co workers but it’s actually better to have face to face conversations with them so that you don’t end up having to wait for their responses. Phone calls and actually talking can cut down response time dramatically – just remember to send an email afterwards to confirm the decisions you’ve just made so that you both have a record of it.

Review Your Processes

A lot of processes within companies are too flabby. They take up more time than they should and involve more people than is strictly necessary – and if this is the case with your company then it’s time to start to change that. Try to cut out the middle man wherever you can and communicate directly with everyone that you can. In time, that will mean that you have to wait around a lot less and that you’ll be able to get things done far more quickly.

Update Your Technology

A lot of companies lose a huge amount of time simply because their technology isn’t up to scratch. Waiting for Internet Explorer to stop crashing or for an email to finally send is something that a lot of office workers are used to. This is something that can waste huge amounts of time. Although investing in new tech can sometimes be expensive, it’s important. Not only will they hugely appreciate it, but it will also add to a big upswing in their efficiency and levels of work.

Learn To Prioritize

Finally, it’s time to learn to prioritize if that’s something that you aren’t particularly good at. Being flexible is a really important skill – if something big happens then you need to be able to rearrange your day to be able to accommodate it. You need to learn that you shouldn’t stick rigidly to your to do list. Instead, treat it like a list of guidelines and prioritize what’s really important.

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