First-Time Manager: Keeping An Eye On Your Employees

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It can always be a challenge when you have to hire employees for the first time. After all, you might not have been the boss of someone before. So it can be a difficult prospect hiring an employee to work for you on a full-time basis. But staff can help you to have a successful venture on your hands. After all, they can lighten the load so that you can concentrate on other parts of your business. But if you are a first-time manager, it’s easy to make mistakes with your employees. Therefore, here are some ways you can keep an eye on your employees when you are a first-time manager.

Ensure you are in the heart of the office

A lot of entrepreneurs hide themselves away when they are in the office. After all, they have a ton of work to do. But if you do have a private office, you are unlikely to know what’s going on in the rest of the office. And then employees might not be doing an efficient job. Also, you won’t experience first-hand what staff are like when they are talking to clients. And you might have someone who is struggling with their role. So to ensure this doesn’t occur, you need to be in the heart of the office. Get a desk which will ensure you can find out exactly what is going on with your business. And having you as a daily presence can spur employees on to work hard. After all, it will show you don’t mind getting stuck in and don’t see yourself as superior.

Time to implement CCTV

When you are in and out of your office during the day, you might not see what employees are up to. And it can mean they might be taking you for a ride without you realizing. For example, they might not be trying as hard as they could be. And they might be heading out for long lunches! Also, they could potentially be taking items home with them without you knowing! Therefore, to ensure you can keep a beady eye on employees, it’s time to implement a good CCTV system. With one of these quality CCTV systems, you will be able to check on the office while you are on the go. And with the footage lasting weeks, you can look back at the video at any time. Of course, you need to tell the staff you are implementing CCTV; just informing them might change their behavior for the better!

Check in with them weekly

It’s so easy for time to pass without getting a chance to check in with what’s happening at the workplace. After all, everyone is busy with deadlines. But if you don’t keep an eye on progress, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. Therefore, you need to arrange a weekly meeting where you can find out exactly what’s been happening in the office. And if there are any concerns, you can bring them up them with your staff members. The same goes for your employees; it gives them the chance to vent so you can make changes as necessary.

And if you haven’t got time to keep an eye on staff, hire an office manager. They can be your eyes and ears while you are not around.

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