The Staff Feedback Too-Often Ignored By Business Managers

Businesswoman Getting Staff Feedback

It can seem as though business managers, against all odds, seem to shed nuance the moment they take on the role. Either they listen to everything and try their hardest to be one among the team they manage, or they seem to ignore everything and take their superior role with arrogance. Of course, this is anything but the truth.

There are many nuanced managers out there trying their best, enjoying successes and worrying about failures as often as we commute to work ourselves. We’re simply saying that the former seems to be the case, and that’s because when we’re buried with work, a faulty manager can seem so much worse, while a great one can seem like a miracle, despite being just as rare.

If you yourself hope to be a great manager or business leader, you should know that caring for this process is not rocket science. In fact, actually listening to the team you manage can, not only in an ideal world, help you continually justify your position in this role, and who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it. Yet first, we would warmly recommend considering this advice:

IT Troubles

When IT troubles occur, they can be debilitating. When a shutdown happens, or when network connectivity fails, it’s hard to ignore this problem. But synchronicity issues? Outdated operating systems? Login problems? Some of this can seem less vital, because it may not completely restrict a staff member from conducting work. Even slow terminals can be ignored. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into that management trap. In fact, with the best IT services at your side, you can ensure that your functionality is always at 100%, and that you accept no limitations. In this direction, you’ll be ensuring your network potential.

Office Atmosphere

A negative office atmosphere is often something that can weigh on the minds of all those working there, yet it may never come to light unless something harmful happens, such as workplace bullying.

It can be worthwhile surveying your staff members anonymously from time to time, in order to gauge just how they feel within the social scene of the office, and what if any problems may exist. This can help you start to enact solutions, be that the removal of a much-complained about staff member, or investing in further team building activities. Remember to have a zero-tolerance policy for issues such as workplace bullying, also.

Management Worries

Management worries can sometimes be hidden by the higher-ups of a business, because it can be hard to hire a new manager with the skill set necessary to keep a team in play. Yet if you’re always getting reports of harmful management practices affecting your staff, or that a manager is making things more difficult than necessary, never defend them out of principle. Listen to the argument. Try to enact a healthy solution. Move forward with care and try to understand what your team truly needs.

With this advice, we hope you can avoid ignorance or willing blindness as a worthwhile business leader.


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