Dear Customers, We’re Moving! How To Keep Customers in the Loop

Know your customers

Planning a move is never easy. While every homeowner worries about packing and keeping the precious glassware in one piece, businesses owners, on the other hand, have to consider how a change of location is going to impact their customers. You can’t decently live a note on the door when you lock the store to let them know that you’ve changed address. In the business world, you need to prepare your arrival in a new community, even if you’re only moving a few streets away! You can’t afford not to keep your existing customers in the loop – and in the process reach out to your new local audience. The best way to make sure your customers are coming with you is to put them at the heart of your move strategy.

#1. Keep them in the loop online

One thing is for sure; your customers live in the online world. Therefore, you need to maximize your digital presence to share your relocation news. As a rule of the thumb, you want to use your social media platforms and your website to post regular content about changing address as early as possible. You can also use PPC ads to build awareness in your new location – once you’ve linked your AdWords account to Google My Business. It’s a good idea also to provide printouts of your relocation announcements in your lobby – not all customers might follow your profile online!

#2. Are you buying somewhere else?

From a customer’s perspective, the change of location is nothing more than a change of address. But, at a business level, the transformation process is a little more complicated. You’re not just moving a dot on the map. You also need to rent a new front shop or purchase a new practice, depending on your business sector. Consequently, you need to secure this process at the early stage of your move strategy, by working with a dedicated team of professions. For commercial rentals, you can find business realtors who can provide support for specific sectors.

#3. Nail that first impression

There’s nothing worse than finding a central location and ruining the first impression with a terrible reception area! Embrace the change of address as an opportunity to renew your interior style. You want a lobby zone that appeals, reassures and excites all at the same time. Customers react positively to a spacious entryway that makes them feel welcome. The addition of a seating area should be not only practical but also tasteful. Nobody wants to be stuck in an impersonal waiting room. More importantly, an artsy feel can go a long way!

#4. Introduce your business to the local audience

Last, but not least, while existing customers know your company, your local audience need a proper introduction. You can shout out about your offers and services with a discount flyer, for example. It’s a non-intrusive approach to let people know what you do and share compelling testimonials.

Changing address is a dramatic change for a public-facing business. You need to prepare the move for your customers, making sure that they are informed and understanding of the process. Many companies that have failed to keep their audience in the loop have wrongly blamed their new location for a drop in revenues!


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