Care In The Business Community: Looking After Your Workers


As business leaders, we face a lot of pressure to keep everything as functional as it possibly can be, from the red tape of health and safety to the general everyday processes of the company. And when it comes to meeting employee needs it can have a very positive effect on the overall culture of your business. A bad workplace culture that doesn’t meet the needs of the employee can have extremely negative effects. You may be a decent employer by providing the basic needs such as the salary perks and necessary tools for your workers to perform their jobs effectively, but you need to give them more than this! So what is it you need?

Emotional Support

It’s not just about a staff member clocking in and out, but they want you to care about their emotional health. Stress and depression are far more widespread and talked about now than ever before, and it’s important that you provide the workplace atmosphere that is supportive in the emotional sense as well as in the practical sense. Many workers comp lawyers are able to build cases around pain and depression, not just the standard accident at work or occupational health issues, so it is in your best interests to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your staff to work in. To achieve this, you can implement an open door policy. Open communication is one of the key tools to encouraging well being. But it’s not just enough for you to have your door open, if they have a problem, make sure you check in regularly with them.

The Personal Touch

It’s been said countless times before, but relationships in the workplace are a vital part of job satisfaction. Many people will say that it’s not the job that makes the role it is the people. While co-workers are only one part of that equation, employees want to have more personal relationships with their employer, and this will have a positive impact on their focus and productivity as well as reduce their stress levels. If you are a type of boss that has a hands off approach, you may be doing more harm than good to your workforce. In the modern workplace, it’s not beneficial to your staff to bark orders, but you are better off building personal relationships and bridging that gap between inside and outside of work. Purely from the business perspective, it has an impact on your organization, so it is in your best interests to start this.

Provide Meaning

Everybody wants to have some meaning to their work, and this is becoming a more important goal for people than the finances because people can get work perks almost anywhere now! It’s more pertinent for staff members to have an emotional investment in the job. If people love their work, they will work better. If you can find ways to increase employee engagement by communicating the mission of the company, and show your staff members how their work directly impacts the company’s mission, this is the key to employee engagement.

Looking after your staff can take many different forms, but if you focus on the more human aspects of the process, you will notice a much better organization as a result.

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