Striking the Best Work-Life Balance: 4 Classes and Clubs to Consider Joining In Your Community

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Morning Yoga Poses- Stand With A Twist

As a female entrepreneur, you’re a busy woman. Whether you’re a younger businesswoman just getting started or a mother and business owner who’s been in practice for well over a decade, it can be difficult to balance your work and personal lives. However, it’s important to take time for yourself to do something fun and relaxing as well as be involved in your community in a way that doesn’t directly involve your business.

Here are some ideas as to what classes and clubs you could join in your own community.

A Self-Defense Course

Did you know that homicide is one of the leading causes of death for women? Consider taking a self-defense course by yourself or alongside other women in your life. You will learn about safety issues you should be aware of, situations you may find yourself in, and how to go about defending yourself in those situations. Taking a self-defense class also offers several benefits; it boosts confidence and empowerment, sharpens reflexes, and builds awareness.

A Kickball or Baseball League

Outdoor sports during the spring, summer, and fall are fun for groups of adults who are looking to blow off some steam outside of their work and home lives. Kickball and baseball leagues are two popular options that require little equipment and don’t need an understanding of complex rules. In fact, it’s pretty simple. A group of adults that signs up for a community club such as these may meet once a week or once a month. It’s a great way to hang out with other professionals who want a fun source of relaxation after a long day of work.

Even if you’re not an athletic person, you can still have fun playing kickball or baseball with others in your community. These environments are meant to be judgment-free zones where adults can simply have fun. You’d make friends with others in your community who you may not know already, and you may even be introduced to other business owners and female entrepreneurs. Just remember to not use a shaved bat when it’s under 65 degrees outside when you’re playing baseball!

A Yoga Class

Another great class to join in your community is one started by a licensed yoga instructor. Practicing yoga is a great way to get in moderate exercise a few days a week. It allows for increased flexibility and strength, and it even helps with cardio health and in easing pain. Yoga also relaxes your body and mind. It can help ease feelings of anxiety and stress and help with concentration.

Joining a yoga class in your community, specifically, also allows for relationships to be built with other busy business owners, young female entrepreneurs, and mothers who are looking for a relaxing hobby outside of their busy schedules. As a female business owner, you can likely utilize a fun source of relaxation in your community that’ll allow you to strike up new friendships with others similar to you in your town or city.

A Home Makeover Class

Perhaps you’re interested in improving the look of your home. You may spend a lot of time at your business, but it feels great to go home to a place that looks and feels good. On average, American homeowners move every five to seven years. However, you don’t need to move to live in a home you love. Consider enrolling in a home makeover class so you can learn how to undergo a home makeover DIY-style.

Home makeover courses are often led by individuals who have experience in flipping real estate and interior design. They’d likely provide a background on how to go about a major DIY project at your house, and they also may offer a variety of guides that you can follow. Redecorating the first floor of your home may be something you’d like to do. If this is the case, you may ask for tips on how to build your own shelves to hang decorations, how to reorganize your kitchen to be more functional, how to repaint your living room, and how to pick out the best furniture for a new-and-improved living room. This kind of class would especially be fun because you may meet other homeowners who are interested in DIY project ideas too — and perhaps you could help one another!

Enrolling in a community course or class is a great way to be more engaged in your community and with the people in it. You may learn new skills, learn a new form of exercise, and meet new people. Joining a class will also help you to improve your work-life balance, take time to improve yourself personally, and simply have fun alongside others in your community.

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