Bash Basics: Your How-To Guide on Thank You Notes

Thank You Note

To be the guest of honor at an event is well, an honor! It means something amazing is happening in your life, a wedding, a baby, a milestone birthday, etc. and those you love want to share in your celebration. Countless hours going in to planning special occasions and often many travel from a far so it is of the utmost importance your host’s and other guest’s efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you notes will never, ever, ever go out of fashion and are a kind a simple way to express gratitude. Writing a thank you note does note have to be multiple paragraphs on how you plan to use the KitchenAid mixer and all it’s attachments. It just needs to be personal, kind and legible. To make sure your thank you note hits the mark follow our five easy steps.

Step 1: Have a greeting. Make absolutely certain you have spelled your recipient’s name correctly. This may seem silly to mention but you would be surprised how easy it is to make this mistake if you are writing loads of letters. You do not want to offend a recipient on line one of your note. Also keep in mind that not having a greeting is very impersonal as though you quickly wrote a series of notes that all have the same message.

Step 2: State your gratitude. Very simply, all you have to say is “Thank you so very much for…attending my shower…the lovely such and such…” and you get the idea.

Step 3: Include details on what you are thanking them for, e.g. the KitchenAid mixer and how you just cannot wait to make your first batch of cookies.

Step 4: Suggest plans for the future if appropriate. This means, “We would love to have you over for dinner” or “We look forward to seeing you soon”, etc. Again, you get the idea.

Step 5: Wrap it up with closing remarks. This is your “Love always”, “Best wishes”, “Sincerely” or our personal favorite if you know someone well, “xoxo”.

And there you have it, five steps to thank you note perfection. Another important tip to remember is to stay on top of your thank you notes. If you are the guest of honor in a series of parties for a wedding or are an expectant mama, send thank you notes out as quickly as possible. They can really start to pile up and that is when you make mistakes or can feel overwhelmed. Pace yourself and most importantly, remember to be grateful.

If you really want to impress your recipient and leave a lasting impression, select stationary with a little extra style and personality. Though monogrammed stationary is always a great place to start and very versatile we love the idea of making a statement. At the moment, we have a few favorites.

Thank You Notes

1) Gilt Agate Postcard:
2) Merci Beaucoup Bulldog:
3) Donut Know Thank You:
4) You Rock:
5) Telegram Thank You:
6) I’m Grateful: Yellow Daisy Paper Co.,

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