How to Stay Productive When the Weather Is So Nice

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Summer is in full swing, which means the weather is beautiful almost every single day. But while you’re working from home, it can feel like you’re being torn away from your productivity to sneak a peek at the gorgeous day outside. If you’re struggling to stay focused and productive while the weather is so nice, here are a few tips to help you out.

Take Your Work Outside

If there are a few tasks you can complete on a laptop, why not take your work out to the front porch or the back patio for a little bit? While roughly 77% of marketers say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans, team focus and productivity are both equally as important. If the outdoors are calling to you while you’re working, the simplest solution is, if possible, to simply bring your work there for a little while each day. That being said, it’s important to set boundaries on how much work you perform outside. More complex tasks might require a bigger screen or more processing power than your laptop can handle. Keep this in mind if you choose to take your work outside for a little while.

Take a Break!

Did you know that almost 23% of startups fail because they have the wrong team? As awful as that sounds, even more startups fail because their team was unhappy or unfocused when it came to getting the hard work done. While getting the work done is critical, it’s just not possible for the human brain to work for eight hours straight every day of the week. So if you’re feeling drawn to the outdoors, consider taking a short break and actually going outside! Something as simple as a 10-minute walk or even a cup of tea on your front porch can do wonders for your mental recovery. And when you get back from your short break, you’ll be feeling refreshed and ready to get back into it.

Bring the Outdoors In

Sometimes the idea of sitting inside of a stuffy home office is enough to drive anyone up the wall. You’ve been cooped up long enough, and adding the stress of work on top of that makes running away to the outdoors that much more tempting. But instead of doing that, consider bringing a little bit of the outdoors in. Adding a plant or two to your office can really work wonders if you can’t stop thinking about being outside. In addition, you could open up the windows in your office to let a nice breeze in. Not only will it keep the air flowing throughout your office, but it will also carry in some nice outdoor scents. This way, you’ll get some of that feeling of being outside without actually being outside all day.

Make Time After Work to Get Outside

If you can’t stand being inside all day, then make time to get outside after all of your work is done. The nice weather only lasts for so long every year, which means it’s important to make time to get out there and enjoy it whenever you can! Not only that but having plans to get outside after a long day of work might actually help you stay more productive throughout the day in anticipation of your afternoon or evening outside. Just make sure you’re prepared for any allergies that you might have to grass or pollen. The likelihood that allergic rhinitis will go away is about 1% annually, after all. Otherwise, give yourself some outdoor time to look forward to at the end of your workday.

Staying productive while it’s nice outside is no easy task. But with a few of these strategies handy, you can enjoy spending time outside and maintain your productivity at the same time.

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