11 Simple Ways To Organize Your Job Search

Organize Your Job Search

So, you’ve been on the job hunt for a while now. And you’re just about two rejection emails away from giving up. In this economy, it takes more than expressing your interest in a company and hastily giving out your contact information to land a job. This is especially true if you work in an industry that’s oversaturated and you’re competing against a million other job seekers.

Before you let your confidence fall through the cracks, here are 11 simple ways to organize your job search and ease the stress brought on by the hiring process.

1. Save Jobs You Find Online

You’ve probably scoured the corners of websites and online platforms for job openings. While browsing these sites, it’s good practice to save or bookmark job postings and use the algorithm to your advantage.

“The algorithm is algorithming,” as the kids say. And saving postings of a position you apply for or want to apply for will most likely lead you to other similar ads online. Plus, bookmarking postings on job search websites can help you stay organized in the process.

2. Name Your Files Accordingly

Let’s say you’re a marketing strategist and a photographer at the same time, and you’re trying to get hired in either field. For this reason, it’s important to design a resume and cover letter that’s specifically targeted towards either industry.

With all the amazing skills you have, it’s easy to get your files all mixed and jumbled up. That’s why naming your files accordingly is important so you don’t accidentally send the wrong files to employers.

We suggest naming your files like this: Your Name – Job Title – File Type (ex. John Doe – Social Media Manager – Resume).

3. Create A Spreadsheet

If you want an easier way to track the job applications you sent, create a spreadsheet where you can keep them all. A spreadsheet containing the company names, positions, and job descriptions you’ve applied for or are planning to apply for is a great way to organize your job hunt. This will also prevent you from unintentionally sending multiple applications to the same employer and run the risk of annoying them.

You can also add other columns that will help you stay on top of your game, like the status of your application (ex. hired, rejected, for interview), the manager’s name, and details you should remember.

4. Use Project Management Apps

So many companies you want to work for, but so little time! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, using apps like Google Calendar, Notion, Google Drive, and Trello can be really helpful.

These apps can help you schedule interviews and send alerts about important meetings that might have slipped your mind because you’ve been too busy editing your resume on Canva (no shame there; it’s fun to design stuff!)

5. Upload Everything On A Cloud

Remember that time when Tyra Banks sat next to a modeling scout in a plane, but she didn’t bring her lookbook? She had no way to show her modeling skills. Luckily, the modeling scout asked for her passport photo instead and saw how Tyra could still look fierce in photos, even in normal lighting.

Well, not all of us can be Tyra Banks. But what we can be is someone who is prepared. Upload all your important files to an online cloud that you can access anywhere. Better yet, print multiple copies and stow them in your car, so you’re never without them.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

A company looking at hundreds of applicants for the same job you apply for will most likely be too busy to update you on the status of your application. It’s not impossible to think that your application might have been buried below another qualified applicant’s files.

So, to show just how serious you are about this job, don’t be afraid to contact the hiring manager if you haven’t received an update at least a week after sending in your application. This will not only show your degree of interest towards the job but will also prompt them to review your application.

7. Organize According To Priority

More often than not, every job listing out there requires applicants to answer certain tests within a certain period of time to assess their skills. This is where your calendar becomes handy to ensure you finish what the company requires within the given timeframe. So, if they’ve asked you to send, let’s say, an essay within two days, set it on top of your priority list!

8. Subscribe To Emails And Set Up Job Alerts

Now you’re sitting in front of your computer, thinking about all the jobs you’ve applied for in the past week. And you can’t seem to find the energy to send another application. While you’re waiting for replies and feedback, go ahead and subscribe to job alerts from job hiring websites. These will provide you with periodic emails of new job postings that are aligned with your skills while you wait.

9. Have A Timeline

How you approach your job search also depends on your goals. Do you urgently need a job within the next two weeks? Or are you willing to wait for the perfect role to land on your lap? Having a clear timeline and keeping up with it will help concretize your ideas and organize your job search.

10. Ask For Referrals

Companies are more likely to hire people who have been referred by people that they know and trust. If you want to penetrate a company or industry faster, asking for referrals is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and acquaintances who are already working in the field you’re looking to apply for. Use your network and build a good rapport with people – it can take you to places!

11. Regularly Update Your Resume

So, you’ve just upskilled and finished an AI technology business integration course. Put it down on your resumè as soon as possible and don’t wait for your next job application. This will prevent hasty and last-minute resumè entries that will stress you out and leave room for mistakes.

There are so many ways to organize your job search and give you an edge over all other qualified candidates out there. It’s just a matter of being creative and diligent! Good luck with your job search!

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