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Following personal life challenges over the past few years, I am starting to believe more and more that certain life challenges do happen for a reason.

Four years ago, I made a decision to apply for the last 9-5pm job ever in my life, in the procurement field as a Quality Manager. There something innate which was prompting to ultimately start my own lifestyle business. Before I could actualize this vision, I decided to gain more professional experience.

I had previously graduated with an Economics and Business and Post Graduate Certificate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counseling and integrated aspects of what I had learned through education into my chosen Health and Social Care career.

After eight years of a professional career, it felt as though I had slept walked through eight. Every two years, I progressed further up the career ladder from a front-line worker eventually into a Senior Management position.

My line managers would often identify my key strengths and new job opportunities on my behalf. For the most, I instructively enjoyed helping people including solving problems that other team members were confronted by. My managers believed and identified analytical and leadership skills in me before I had that insight into myself. I never imagined or yearned to become a manager. This is how I ended up ultimately becoming a Quality Manager in Local Government.

As I progressed further into my career, I began to feel creatively limited and restricted within my role and responsibilities. Innately something was telling me that I needed to be out in the community offering solutions to people’s problems. My internal sense of responsibility compelled me gradually to awaken to an undefined greater purpose in life.

As the years progressed, I attempted drafting numerous Business Plans and shelved each idea away. I was stuck in the rhetoric of too many excuses of why I couldn’t start my own business. It was either due to being to busy, feeling overwhelmed by too many ideas, or the fear and reality actually achieving the goals that held me back.

My first appreciation for my purpose in life occurred following a separation from a long term relationship and consequently follow my dad ‘s sudden death. I began to have a greater appreciation of life and it’s meaning beyond progressing further up on the career ladder.

I moved away from the city and moved to the seaside to reconnect further with me. I strategically planned to exist in the 9-5pm career world within three years of applying for the last job. I was determined to actualize my lifestyle business.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, I did not complete the third year of my career. I developed an illness with numerous systems, which I endured for three years, due to doctors being unable to diagnose my condition.
I eventually left my career due to my health condition and conviction that I had to leave a fast-paced environment, in order to start healing and being kind to myself. I had hung onto my job for the wrong reasons, which was to be there for my team through restructure processes. The more I held on, the more chronic my condition became.

To this day, the restructures continue, ultimately my reason to remain would not have made any difference. The only change that would have occurred was my health could have potentially deteriorated further.

Last year March 2016, I was finally diagnosed with the chronic pain condition known as Fibromyalgia. It was a catch two feeling, on one hand, I was happy to receive a diagnosis, on the other hand, I felt as though I was being forced out of my career earlier than expected.

If you may recall, I initially highlighted how certain life challenging events happen for a reason?

Fortunately, during the three years of being undiagnosed, I decided unknowingly to start to pursue and attend personal self-development opportunities and business events. Following the sudden passing of my dad, little did I know that within a short period of time I would also experience the sudden death of my younger sister Lorraine due to Cardiomyopathy.

All of a sudden these challenging live events were shifting me spiritually to awaken to my true and intended purpose in life. I had to accept that I had to slow down, in order to start progressively healing overtime through bereavement and in alleviating the severity of chronic pain symptoms.

Eventually, I discovered Online Marketing and Business Education and since then I have never looked back. I trained online for a year prior to leaving my 9-5 career. I believe that being chronically ill and experience loss also made me realize that I needed to actualize my true potential. I started to appreciate the true value in life and to implement what I had been taught and learned. I connected further to my innate passion to help people and now get the opportunity to do that on a daily basis through Online Business Coaching.

I trained to become an Online Business Consultant for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. In October 2016, I was offered the opportunity to work as an Independent Contractor and Online Business Coach for the company I had trained with.

Three years ago, I could not have imagined having an online business that I could run from my laptop. A business that would provide me the complete and utter freedom to travel anywhere in the world, including being able to visit my immediate family in the U.S and Canada. I no longer have to worry about impacting my health further, I get to hours and location whether I can work from.

This is the reason why I decided to start my own Online Lifestyle Business.

My recommendations for any seeking to start their own Online Business based on my own personal experience, would be as follows:

  1. Identify your reason why and purpose in life
  2. Once you have identified your reason and purpose in life, to start learning and educating yourself in that specific area. This is what will enable you to be in service and to more value in other people’s lives
  3. Leverage off existing Online Business & Marketing systems and processes, this alleviates the pressures of having to independently start an online business
  4. To work with a reputable and successful Business Coach, or Mentor who is the same line of business, that you are interested in pursuing help; so that you can learn from their experiences. I would also recommend joining Mastermind Groups for extra support from peers.
  5. Focus on developing a positive mindset through the process of self-development. This is how people become very successful in business.


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