The Importance of Double-Checking Your Business Content

Business Content

Whenever you write something for academic purposes, such as a university paper or a school report, what’s one of the most common tools you use after finishing? That’s right: the spell checker. When you write blog posts using your favorite web browser, what’s another tool you use before posting it? You guessed it; SEO checkers, spell checkers, grammar checkers—there’s a whole host of different tools for double-checking your business content.

Since we take so much time and effort to ensure our written content is immaculate, why then does it feel like we don’t spend a fraction of the time on our websites, product descriptions or even customer support? You could be missing out on some crucial things with your business content, and it could even be deterring customers from ever using your services or buying your products. To give you an idea of what this means, here are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Bug Checking

One of the biggest things to double-check is your online software or any custom cloud applications. You need to check for software bugs in these tools so that you can guarantee your customers are getting the right experience. It’s important that you take big checking seriously. The last thing you want is to drive off customers because your site isn’t properly loading. Make sure you thoroughly test any kind of online or offline applications that your company has created. Give each of them a test run before deploying them to the public. Buggy software and apps that don’t work are going to turn people off using your services or products, so take extra care with these tools and ensure everything is working smoothly.

Fact Checking

If you have to write product descriptions or other technical details, then make sure you’ve got all of your facts correct. Buying a product and receiving something that was completely different to the description is frustrating. If you specialize in technical or niche products, then it’s even more important to check all of the facts so you can be a trustworthy company. Make sure the information is consistent all throughout your website, and don’t be afraid of adding extra pictures or videos to prove the facts. If you’re developing a product from scratch and you’re testing for things such as battery life, then you have to thoroughly test the product to get an accurate measure of battery life. If you say it has 5 hours of battery but it only lasts for 3 hours, then it might be considered false advertising and you’ll get a lot of angry customers demanding refunds or writing negative reviews.

Spelling/Grammar Checking

Lastly, don’t forget the basic spelling and grammar checks. If your website or product descriptions are in broken english that hasn’t been checked for errors, you’ll look like an amateur company and most people will think you’re trying to scam them.

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