How Women-Owned Brands Are Owning Niche Markets

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Business can often be thought of as a man’s world. It’s a common idea that having a women owned brand in itself is considered a feature and opens up a whole new market, but players in the corporate world all struggle together when it comes to appealing to customers. However, they haven’t entirely missed a trick with this. There are many women out there of all ages with so many ideas for new businesses or what to do when it comes to specializing in a market. Market niches all across the world have women working both in front of and behind the scenes, so what are some of the more unknown markets that women have successfully operated in?

Figuring Out How To Sell Off Surplus

Surplus stores have quite a wide demographic to cater for. But often women are less thought of when it comes to camping and hunting. This is an area women can cater to and for women themselves. Similarly, when it comes to finding old material worth saving for another day, businesses such as Premier Surplus have shined. Seeing as they’ve been running since 2008, it’s been proven that having a long term business just selling off unnecessary stock is a winner in this economy.  Women have often picked up the lesser known side of the business world due to mass production. Do you tend to hear about surplus recycling? Recycling old items in terms of the technological is turning out to be a staple repurposing method for the growing disuse economy in America.

Flexing Muscles In Fitness

The fitness world has one of the fastest growing female demographics in both terms of clients and business owners. Women often have to juggle so many facets of business in their daily life like taxes and kids, just to name a couple. This has left little time for working on physical health, so concepts such as 30 or 60 minute workouts have been forefront in the minds of female entrepreneurs. Refining these brands to make up more heavy duty workouts that take less time that you can keep for yourself is very much a women driven idea, so innovators turn up every day when it comes to working in health sectors.

The Digital World

Since 2007, there has been a 3.5 million increase in the number of women owned brands overall in the corporate world. The digital world has taken quite a lot of these businesses for themselves.  Large brands such as Microsoft are helping girls coming out of school into the possibility of working within technology, and building from here many women have made their own software. The digital world is constantly expanding and with women being a large demographic on their own (making up about 49% of the total world’s population), it makes sense that women have more less traditional jobs.

Women are coming into their own in capitalizing on branching out into the unknown with their own ideas and business models.

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