Don’t Cut Costs: Why Spending Money Can Save Your Business

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Running a business is tough, but there are many rewards, not least the idea of making a tidy profit through all your hard work. Sometimes, however, you need to make a loss before you see the money coming in. This is standard for any company, though for the business owner it can lead to feelings of anxiety. As many people face a huge amount of debt should their company fall through, there can be the constant fear of failure. There are places in business, though, where you shouldn’t cut costs.

The temptation is to cut costs, and while this is a viable option, there are some areas in your business where this is a risk. The advice given in this article may put a dent in your bank account, but the investments you make should lead to higher profit and productivity.

Here are several aspects of your business where you shouldn’t cut costs.

Insurance cover

For starters, read this excellent article on managing your money in business. The writer advocates the benefits of taking out insurance, and it is something new and existing business owners should read. Without the necessary protection, your business will suffer and could eventually fail. Having the right insurance policies in place will give you peace of mind. Shop around for the best deals, and when it comes to renewal time, you don’t need to stick with the same insurance company if their prices suddenly go up.


When you need staff to help you run your business, it is important you invest money in developing your team. Don’t cut costs by skimping on training or offering low wages as one day you might find another company has poached your staff from you. Spending money on your team will improve morale, and equip them to do the job at hand with greater skill. When money is tight, spending money on the staff can comprise numerous methods; rather than tech or training, buying Christmas vouchers for the staff they’ll love can be all it takes to improve morale and communicate to them that you care about them as individuals. Productivity will increase, and profits will come through.

Your product

Using lower quality materials on your product, or saving time by rushing through production will upset your customers who expect the best from you. You will lose custom as people take their business elsewhere, and if your product proves faulty, you could also be liable for legal costs.

A website

You will probably know why having a website is essential for your business, but you should spend money on making it look professional. From buying your own domain name to paying for web design, your website will often be the first point of contact for people considering buying from you. A well-produced website will inspire confidence and greater sales.


The temptation is to buy products second-hand as brand new equipment can be very expensive. While this is fine in some cases, there are risks involved. Dependent on your business, there will be items of equipment that are essential for completing services. Buying new will guarantee a longer lifespan as you don’t want to face a loss by something breaking down or not performing adequately. Productivity will suffer when your equipment is dodgy, and your customers will face delay on the products they ordered if you are waiting to get something repaired.


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