When Is the Best Time to Send Emails?


Emails are hitting our inboxes all hours of the day. When is the best time to send emails you actually want your clients or potential clients to read?

Research from Yesware has shown that there’s a pretty big difference between the rate people open their emails and the rate that they reply. So no matter how catchy you feel your subject line is and how amazing your content is, it doesn’t mean that you will receive a reply.

On any given weekday, people will open about 66% of their emails, but they will only respond to less than 40% of those emails. Furthermore, about only one-third of those will be same-day responses. It doesn’t differ too much on the weekends either with a 73% open rate, but only a 45% response rate. Keep in mind this isn’t for newsletters, but for actual emails that you are personally sending (that’s not landing in the promotions folder).

You’re probably thinking that the best time to send your emails is on the weekend right? That’s not exactly what this information means. Since the bulk of emails are sent between 8am and 6pm on any given workday, it’s easier for someone to reply to emails either first thing in the morning or after office hours. Why? Simply because people feel like they have more time.

It’s not just the weekends that will yield a higher response rate, but also after work-hours. Don’t want to work on the weekends or late through the work week sending emails? Try one of my favorite tools, Boomerang. Boomerang allows for you to send your email at times that work best for you. You can schedule it to send whenever you like – and you can also schedule follow-up reminders to yourself in case you don’t hear back from the person you reached out to.

Have you noticed that you tend to get more replies to your emails when you send them at a certain time of day? We’d love to hear what you’ve noticed with your clients or potential clients in our comment section below!

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