The Antidote to Startup Stress

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Setting up a new company is stressful. Ask anyone that has done it. But startups are in a class of their own. You often have few employees, big goals, and little funding, just about getting through on a wing and a prayer. This can be super stressful, but there are some things you can do to alleviate this. Read on to find out what the antidotes to startup stress are.

Value yourself as an employee

One important way to cut down the stress of starting up a business is to value yourself as an employee. This can be pretty hard to do, especially if you have built the company from the ground up. But as you develop you no longer need to shoulder the weight of every little task.

In fact, if you won’t ask your employees to work late, do extra over the weekend, or spend their lunch breaks researching new strategies don’t ask it of yourself either. There’s nothing wrong with having a proper break and coming back to everything refreshed and more focused. Just remember that, when you are burning the candle at both ends.

Ask for help when you need it

You can also help alleviate a lot of the stress from beginning a start-up business, by knowing when you need help from an outside source. There are so many services offered these days that there really is no excuse for not going to an expert when you need it.

Accountants can help you set up your books, payments systems, and invoice. IT specialists can help you get the best out of your networks while keeping them secure.

It really doesn’t matter anymore if you haven’t got the expertise to do what needs doing as long as you have the initiative to find something that does.


A lot of stress in a startup can center around the founder. As they feel that no one else is working as hard as they are, and it’s their investment on the line.

However, by effectively motivating your staff, you can keep up their drive, and so alleviate some of the stress on yourself. As everyone will be pulling in the same direction. You can do this by offering reward packages containing things like cash bonuses, the opportunity to earn extra holiday through achievement, and even offering share options as part of the wage deal you agree. Then your employee will be just as invested as you are.

Have good tools

This can mean anything from the manufacturing equipment you are using, to make your products to the computers and ITs system that you have in place to run your company. But the main thing here is that you go for quality.

Small business’ margins can be so tiny that a delay in working caused by a faulty machine or network going down can mean the difference between profit and loss.

With this in mind, the better quality items you have, the less with worry you will have Cutting out actual stressful situations and possible ones. Freeing you up to worry about bigger and better things.



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