4 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses That Make A Difference

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner and considering stepping up your emphasis on mobile marketing? It could mean the difference between success and failure for your company.

49.6% of the U.S. adult population now own smartphones, up from 36% a year ago, according to Nielsen. This means that there’s huge potential to reach more customers while they’re going about their daily lives.

Below are four mobile marketing tips for small businesses that we believe makes the biggest difference.

Quality Content:

This means creating content pertaining to your business or industry – and staying focused on just that. Your customers are coming to you for a specific service – nothing will turn them off quite like feeling that they’ve walked into a shopping mall when they thought they were walking into a specific store. Have a content strategy and remember quality is more important than quantity.

Make an app:

An app will make your business more easily accessible to your customers. Many people prefer navigating an app to a mobile site. Consider hiring an individual or small team to make it, or you can decide to create it yourself with app-creating websites such as IBuildApp, AppyPie, or AppsBar.

Coupons and Deals:

Taking advantage of apps that let you offer coupons and deals to your customers, like Groupon and Scoutmob, will get your business more visibility. It will also pull in new customers (because who doesn’t like a deal!?).


No matter the person, they’ll always love being rewarded. Offering rewards for things like checking-in to your business, or passing along the word about your services via social media is a fun way to encourage your customers to help you market (as well as creating a relationship that keeps them coming back for more).

If you’ve found success in mobile marketing, share some of your tips with us below! What are your mobile marketing tips for small businesses?

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