3 Solid Investments That Will Protect Your Money

Cash Flow

Being in control of your money has never been as important as it is today. We have so many different things to pay for, and there’s no secret that the cost of living has risen (although in many parts of the world, wages have failed to rise to match). Whereas our parent’s generation didn’t struggle to put aside money in a savings account for emergencies, or for a big expense like a vacation, many people these days don’t even HAVE any savings due to the steep cost of living. Of course, you can get by without them if you’re lucky, but it does mean a lifetime of living paycheck to paycheck – not the most practical option, and certainly not ideal if you have something huge to pay for. But if the likelihood of a pay rise or a change of career is pretty slim for you, you may want to look into other options that can bring a little more paper into your life. Making investments is an excellent way to secure yourself some extra cash – providing that you know you will make a return, of course. So, just what IS a substantial investment, and how can you be so sure that it will benefit you in the long run? Here are a few examples of fail-safe investments anyone can make to help secure their financial future.

Precious metals

In the modern day, we no longer trade precious metals like gold and silver in the same way we used to. However, this doesn’t mean to say that the trade as a whole has died. In fact, it’s practically booming – although it obviously has changed quite a bit. During the 2007 financial crash, many businesses and individual investors started buying gold as it became a reliable commodity, maintaining its worth throughout a long period. You can either invest in physical gold, gold coins, and even digital gold currency.


If you want something that you can make a good return on, but something that can also be useful for you and your family too, a property is usually the best investment option here. Prices on the market are always rising, so it is advisable to strike now, as things are only going to get more expensive. You can either buy-to-let with a company, or you can purchase a shell of a house, do it up and sell it for profit. Plus, a property can generate an ongoing income source, even despite the bulk initial payment.


Something has changed in the professional world recently – you no longer have to be a business person to invest in a startup. Startup investments take some guts to make, but they are a lot more reliable than you may think. Find a company that has yet to go IPO, and ideally, one that you are passionate about. Startup investment isn’t all about the eventual return – you will get far more out of it if you know that you are investing in positive change as well. Agree how the investment is going to pay, either in shares between investors or paid-out dividends, and watch the benefits roll in.

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