3 Small Bag Beauty Must-Haves

Makeup Bag

You’ve been invited to an event. Yay! After getting yourself bash beautiful you are faced with a common dilemma…somehow condensing your everyday purse contents in to a teeny tiny purse. Of course, one should always travel with an id, fully charged cell phone, method of payment, and insurance cards but I think a few beauty essentials are also a must. Throwing your full beauty routine in to a small purse is next to impossible so we asked makeup artist and also dear friend, Chelsea Chittom, for her top picks and tips for keeping your face bash beautiful for hours.

First things first. Your small bag must-haves MUST be multi-functional. This means the products need to serve more than one purpose since you have a limited amount of space. If you are attending a wedding, hosting a party or in general want to keep you makeup looking fresh for hours, quick touch ups are critical. I promise, these products are compact and most importantly, easy to use.

retouching face pencil

Chelsea first recommends the “Retouching Face Pencil” and I can say from personal experience, it’s awesome! This tiny pencil seriously packs a punch and does just about anything from lightening shadows, covering dark spots, and neutralizing redness. Basically, it’s the be all end all when in comes to a small bag must-have. I keep this on hand regardless of our purse size because it’s great for a post work-day face re-fresh before a meeting over cocktails. This collection also offers an illuminating pencil that is perfect for highlighting cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes (our favorite for disguising dark circles), or brow bones—any feature you want to play up.

art stick

Next, ever so popular amongst Bobbi fans, the “Art Stick.” This baby is way better than your average lipstick as it doubles as a lip color and lip pencil. Also, it comes with a sharpener so no need to make a separate purchase. This long lasting and luxe feeling solution to keeping the perfect pout is a team BashBLOK favorite. In particular I love colors Dusty Pink, Electric Coral and Punch.

pot rouge

Lastly, your small bag can not leave the house without “Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks.” This product is a master multi-tasker and you don’t even need any fancy brushes to use it. Just dab a little on your finger tips, apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend out towards your hairline or use it in place of a lipstick. The best part? It can be layered on your lips for more intensity and simply add a gloss for a bit more shine.

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