Career Membership

Looking to continue to climb the career ladder? But do so purposefully and with a good work/life balance?

Career Members are able to receive support and guidance from our community, access mentors, take e-courses (coming soon), and attend members-only webinars with industry experts as well as networking events with other members.

$14.99 / month


The greatest investment you can make, is one you make in yourself.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Not sure how to navigate the corporate landscape? Our Career membership level provides you with tools and community to help empower you as you define what success looks like on your terms.

As a leader or future leader at your workplace, you’ll be held accountable for your department’s results (or, potentially, your company’s results). However, you may only feel partially in control over how to achieve them.

Learn from other like-minded leaders in our community who have faced (or are currently facing) similar challenges as you. How did they find success and influence the trajectory of their company? Engage in conversation, receive unbiased advice, and ask anonymous questions relevant to your current challenges.

Our Career membership offers a custom set of resources and perks specifically designed to support a female-focused on progressing up the corporate ladder.

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Career Member Resources

Access to Mentors & Industry Experts

Need a second opinion or just need to talk through your options with someone that has been through the same challenges? We have Industry Experts, Mentors, and a robust community of those who you can reach out to and engage with.

Access to Members-Only Networking Events

We host monthly “Cocktails & Conversations” virtual networking events to enable members to e-meet and engage on a more personal note with our community – but also create a safe place for discussing current challenges, industry trends, and more!

E-Courses + Webinars

We host monthly webinars around topics that will help set you up for success in your workplace. Topics include Leadership, Team Building, Work/Life Balance, Social Media, SEO, Public Speaking, and so much more! (And we have E-courses coming soon!)

*Only available to U.S. residents at this time

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