The Perfect Gifts For A Near-Perfect Partner

Whether it’s an upcoming birthday or you’re just worrying about Christmas months in advance, buying a gift for your partner can be a stressful experience. You want to express how much you love them, but you don’t want to out-gift them if it’s an anniversary and you’re both buying presents for one another. You also want to be romantic, but you don’t want to be cheesy or sappy. And of course you want to get something genuine for the one you care about. Here are some ideas for perfect gifts for the… near-perfect partner.

A personalized gift

These are always the best kind of gifts to get for a friend or loved one, but they’re especially significant when they’re a gift for your partner. The best part about this gift idea is that you can interpret it however you want; you could do something simple like a handmade card declaring your love, or you could create a bunch of paper roses. You could even bake a cake with a cute, witty message on the front; don’t expect a slice, though. It’s not your gift.

If you’re not the creative type then don’t think you’ve escaped the personalized gift route because there’s still plenty you could do to show your partner how much you love them; you don’t have to just buy some roses and cheap chocolates from your local shop. You could clean the entire house from top to bottom; if your significant other is always the one who does this then this should be a brilliant and meaningful gift to them. In fact, they might get used to it, so watch your step with gifts like that. You might just have to be helpful more often.


If you prefer to buy gifts rather than build them then you probably want to look for something rare and special, much like your partner (feel free to use that line). Jewelry is always a great gift idea because we attach meaning and significance to beautiful necklaces, rings, and other fine materials. You could look into getting a stylish bracelet for your partner, whether they’re a man or a woman; style is style, regardless of gender. You should focus on giving a piece of jewelry which will mean something to your loved one, of course. Perhaps you could engrave your name or both of your names into a necklace, a ring, or some other item to express the permanence and solidity of your relationship with one another.

A day out

Perhaps material gifts don’t quite do it for either you or your partner, but that’s fine. No matter what the occasion, it’s about how you celebrate and express the importance of your partner. You don’t need some glitzy and expensive present to prove that; spending time together is what really counts. That’s why one of the best gifts you could give to your significant other is a day out. Perhaps you could join a couple’s cooking class and have a great time doing something fun together, even if neither of you are very good. This could be a chance to try something neither of you have ever done before, but you should make sure you gear the trip to their interests.

You could even go a step further and take your loved one on a surprise day out but to somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. Perhaps you bagged tickets to see their favorite band a few months ago and you’ve been keeping it secret. Maybe you decided to treat them out to that expensive restaurant they’ve always drooled over whenever you drive past. Maybe you’ll just keep things simple and treat them to a spa day because you think they’ve earned it after working hard with very little time off. You know your partner best, so just gear the trip to their tastes. Really bowl them over with an unexpected outing.

Leave romantic messages

You can interpret this however you like. You could leave raunchy notes for your loved one, as long as they’re out of reach of friends or children, or you could leave emotional and sappy notes. Get a little creative, and have some fun with the whole thing. You could even go down the popular route of creating a voucher book; maybe put some practical coupons in there, such as “I will clean the oven every week for two months.” It’s all about the small things when it comes to expressing your love. Besides, there’s nothing more romantic than washing the dishes so your partner doesn’t have to.

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