How to Celebrate Mother’s Day While Apart

Having a long-distance relationship with your Mom is tough, but it can be complicated when you can’t see her due to lockdown protocol. Although celebrating in-person is ideal, going home for Mother’s Day may not be in the cards this year. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can spend time with your Mom on her special day with technology and a bit of creativity.

Send Her a Bouquet of Flowers

The first way you can celebrate the great and wonderful things your Mom has brought into your life is by sending her a Mother’s Day bouquet. Online flower shops, like, can send unique bouquets across the United States with same-day shipping, so you can sleep easy knowing your Mom will receive her flowers on time. Her bouquet will arrive fresh without tears, damage, or wilting and will stay alive for three weeks or longer with proper care.

Throw a Netflix Party

Watching a movie with your Mom is difficult if you live far away, but through video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Facetime, you can marathon a whole season together while apart. If your Mom doesn’t have a streaming site you want to use, give her your password and start watching the show or movie at the exact same time so you can react to the same scenes. 

Use Zoom to Chat or Have a Spa Day

You don’t have to be seated next to each other in a nail salon to get some much-needed quality time together. Simply start up a FaceTime or Zoom room and treat yourselves to face masks, mani-pedis, or just relax in your slippers and robes. If you’re uncomfortable taking a spa day together, you could have a chat about your day, what they plan to do during the week, and what they hope for in the future. Sometimes the best part of quality time is catching up.

Send her a Gift Card

Did the spa day sound like a good idea, but you just weren’t up for it? Send your Mom a gift card to a local spa or nail salon of her choice where she can relax and have a good time with her friends or spouse. On the other hand, you could email her codes for a bunch of different gift cards, like one from Sephora, Amazon, Coach, Starbucks, or her favorite restaurant.

Order her a Cake or Dinner

It’s tradition to cook breakfast in bed for your Mom, and you can keep this custom alive by delivering breakfast, lunch, or dinner directly to their front door. Use third-party apps like UberEats or SkipTheDishes for more variety and an easy way to pay; you won’t want your Mom to foot the bill! Another fun thing you can deliver is a whole gourmet cake from a local bakery; just make sure she doesn’t have specific diet restrictions, like reducing sugar.

Do a Class Together

If you typically spend Mother’s Day doing an activity that you both enjoy, like yoga, try taking a virtual class with her. Either sign up for an actual class through a gym or virtual course or watch a YouTube yoga class together by sharing your screens on Zoom. If you’re both interested in trying something different, take a cooking class, writing class, or painting class.

Go on a Picnic Together – Virtually

Using your phones, start packing for a trip together by making sandwiches, potato salad, coffee, and fruit snacks that you’ll eat on your picnic. Then, walk together while still on FaceTime or Zoom to the park while having a nice chat. You both may feel silly at first, but most people will understand you’re having a virtual get-together! If you want to keep the conversation private, keep your headphones in and continue on like you were actually meeting face-to-face.

Verbally Tell Her How Much you Love Her

Make sure you tell your Mom how much you love her on Mother’s Day and every day for that matter! Your Mom wants to hear you say it as often as possible, so keep saying it!

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