5 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

Build Your Self Confidence

There is nothing quite like going about your day feeling like Wonder Woman, checking off every item on your list with ease and confidence. Those days are certainly the best, but we’ve also experienced the ones where nothing fits the way you want it to, and everything takes entirely too long to get done… the days where everything is just wrong.

One way to help cut down on the “off” days is by always working to build, and continue building your self-confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it’s hard for anything to get you down, and these five little tips can help you down your road to self-confidence:

5 Ways To Build Self-Confidence

Write down your accomplishments, skills, and everything that’s cool about you:
By writing down all your accomplishments and choosing to focus on all the positive things about yourself, you’ll begin to see your confidence build in no time. Having all of the good things about you handy to read on those days where you may not feel like your best self will help remind you of how awesome you are and keep you focused on adding to the list.

Try something different:
The thought of putting yourself out there and trying new things is a little nerve-racking at first, we know, but the act of trying new things will help boost your self-confidence in the end. Overcoming the challenge you create for yourself is a terrific confidence booster. #ChallengeAccepted

Don’t compare yourself:
One of the biggest mistakes we can make is comparing our lives to everyone else’s, be it friends, family or celebrities. Knowing and accepting that everyone has their own path, and acknowledging that you are on your own journey, can help take some of the pressure off and make you feel more at ease.

Look good, feel good:
We don’t mean doll yourself up every day in order to feel better, because we know true confidence comes from inside. However, there’s nothing wrong with having that power suit or favorite pair of jeans that makes you feel like they were made for you, because when you know you look like a million bucks, it shines through in your personality as well.

Be kind to others:
The oldest, simplest trick in the book that will help build your self-confidence is practicing kindness to those around you. There’s something about doing something that makes another person smile that rubs off on you and makes your day a little brighter as well. Try a random act of kindness or smile at a stranger. Positivity breeds more positivity.

Do you have any self-confidence boosters to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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