Top Tips for a Successful Career Change

Fewer people than ever before are sticking with the same career for their whole working life. Many, instead seek out a change. Some women look for a new career after having children, to find a better work life balance. Some people find an encore career as they approach or pass retirement, as they feel they still have more to give and want to try something new. And, some people realize there is something they’d rather be doing, which can happen at any point in life.

Make Sure It’s What You Want

Don’t rush into such a huge decision. Instead, take your time to think about your options. We all have bad days at work. Think about any changes you could make to improve your work-life before committing to a career change. But at the same time remember, you are qualified and experienced in your current role, it will always be there as a backup.

Consider the Financial Aspects

If you need to take time out to train or gain new qualifications, you may need to consider the financial elements of this, as well as the fact you may be starting a new career on a significantly lower salary. Save beforehand to make sure you can afford it. This last thing you want is financial concerns during a big change.


While you may already have something in mind, a career that you have always wanted to try, you might not. Many people who are interested in a career change have absolutely no idea what it is they want to do. So, do your research. First, write a list of your hobbies and ask yourself if you could make money from them. Most people can only dream of making money doing something they love. This is your chance to try.

Then, consider your passions, skills, personality traits and qualifications. You should even think about the subjects you enjoyed at school. Try and find a career that fits. If you are struggling, speak to a careers advisor for help.


Once you’ve found your dream career and you are sure you want to move forward, you may need to consider further education. Online study is a fantastic option if you plan to continue working or have other commitments and responsibilities. Online study programs are available in a huge range of different subjects, from healthcare to the College of Westchester Computer Networking Programs. So, whatever it is you want to do, there will be a course to help you get the qualifications you need.

Give Yourself Time

Remember, starting again is difficult. You may not love your new career straight away. You may find it challenging or difficult to get used to. Give yourself time. Allow yourself the chance to settle instead of panicking you’ve made a mistake.

Now career changes are so common and easy to do successfully, there is no need to feel trapped in a job that you don’t enjoy or don’t feel you are progressing in. Make a change. Life is far too short to be wasted in a job that doesn’t make you happy.


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