Fun Ways To Make Money This Summer

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Working at home has become common in the last year and a lot of us have had to turn to such due to COVID. For those of us who have enjoyed being at home and hope to make it a more permanent affair or if you simply need the money – there are plenty of ways to make money at home. 

Today we are going to look at some of the different ways you can make some extra money at home this year and even start a new career path for yourself that is remote. 

Sell artwork 

Artwork is popular and it is something everyone looks for to spruce up their home or give as a gift. If you have a talent for art such as pottery, painting, or sculpture – one way to make some money this year is to sell your artwork. You can either set up your own website and social media or you can open an Etsy shop to sell your homemade items. Consider this a way to spend more time on your hobby while making money doing it! 

Bake goodies 

For those of you who have a sweet tooth – baking goodies can be a great way to use your time at home. You can create and sell cakes for events, make ice creams and brownies for local people, or even invest in a flexible packaging company and sell your goodies to small local shops where they can be sold on that way. Making your own sweet treats can be fun as well as creative and it will be a good way to boost your income without leaving the house. 

Grow baby plants 

If you have a green thumb and enjoy growing plants during the spring and summer – you can make this into a money making scheme and sell on baby plants either from your home or join a local market and sell them there. It is an easy way to make some extra money without spending a ton and it can be a rewarding hobby as well! 

Write a book 

For those of you who have a vivid imagination and a story in your head – why not spend some time this year writing a book? Authors are incredibly creative people and they are able to make either a secondary or primary wage from their creations. Allow your story to flow onto the page and then send it out to a publisher or self publish on Amazon and start making passive income. 

Create gift hampers 

If you love to buy and create gifts for people – one way to make money at home this year is to make your own hampers and sell them on. You can make anything from food to drink to beauty hampers and sell them on to people in your local area. It will be a creative way to make some money and you can even make your own sweet treats to add to the gift hampers to make them more unique and personal. 

Use some of these ideas this year to make some extra money from home and even start your own small business. 

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