Why A Career In Nursing For Women Isn’t Cliche

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Male and female-dominated workplaces continue to exist in 2021. An example of the latter is a career in nursing. Nurses are overwhelmingly female, to the point where some women are conscious about conforming to the stereotype.

Following your dream should always be the goal. So if that means you want to be a qualified construction worker, then that is the target you should attempt to hit. Of course, the opposite is also true. Any woman who wants to make a difference by helping others shouldn’t feel constrained.

A career in the field is not only incredibly fulfilling and challenging. It has other benefits that make it stand out among many other opportunities. If you’re wondering whether a nursing role is suitable, you should take a look at the following. Here are four features that make it appealing to women that shouldn’t be understated.

Female-Led Environment

It’s worth pointing out that most workplaces are safe and comfortable. However, there is always a weird dynamic for women in male-dominated offices. The gender difference means that it can be tough to relate or to connect with your colleagues. Then, there is a problem with overzealous coworkers that leads to gaslighting and more.

For a woman, it’s energy-sapping to feel as if you’re on the outskirts of the conversation all the time. It’s much healthier to be involved and to feel like part of the team. In nursing, this happens often because of the demographic split. With a fellow woman, you can communicate more easily, among other things.

Working in a male-led company has its pros, too. Of course, if you’ve done it for a long time and fancy a break from the testosterone and politics, a switch is a healthy decision.

Role Models

Sometimes, your brain can push you in a direction without your knowledge. A role model is a prime example because you see how strong and powerful the person is, and you want the same for yourself.

Due to the gender split in nursing, the odds are high that you’ll know someone in the profession who has had an impact on your life. It might not be career-centric, either. They might be wise at offering advice, for instance. Regardless, it’s hard to downplay their role in your development as a person, as well as an entrepreneur.

Of course, the chances of finding a mentor when you do enter the industry are also greater. Lots of intelligent women take on roles, including management positions. Therefore, it’s possible to learn from somebody you can relate to, a person who has a plethora of hands-on experience in several situations.

The Money

Part of finding and carving out a career is improving your earning potential. Nobody likes to work hard and not receive the correct financial rewards, even if they are happy. You need a balance between a healthy wage and a fulfilling job, and nursing provides this across the board for women.

You already understand the wellbeing aspects, so let’s move onto the salary. As this nurse practitioner career guide highlights, wages can vary depending on the institution. Therefore, there are no guarantees. Still, it also points out that the average wage for a nurse practitioner is around $74,000 per year. Considering that the median household income in the US is $56,000, this is a steep increase.

Too many women have to deal with a pay gap because of their gender. However, nursing is an outlier. In the healthcare sector, women are paid well, with an opportunity to earn more.

Job Security 

Job security is a feature to take into account when considering a career. After all, you don’t want to waste time and energy leveling up your skills, only to be made redundant. During the Covid-19 outbreak, this has happened to lots of unfortunate women. Thankfully, nurses don’t apply.

If anything, a crisis calls for more frontline health workers to pitch in and help patients. Plus, the demand for nurses is high when there isn’t a pandemic since illnesses will never become extinct. Therefore, job security is relatively high, even if you should never say never when it comes to your career.

There are many examples of industries that have crumbled in recent years. You don’t have to worry about this if you’re a nurse.

A career in nursing isn’t cliche because it pays well, offers job security, gives women much-needed access to role models, and creates female-led workspaces. If they aren’t reasons to join the sorority, nothing is!

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