What To Consider When Relocating to a New Office

Relocating to a New Office

At one point or another, your business will likely need to consider relocating to a new office space. Relocating can be for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current space, or the lease is unable to be renewed. Sometimes, it just becomes clear that you’re not in the environment where you need to be. Whatever the reason, you will have been presented with an excellent opportunity to improve your setup. 

These are some things you should consider when you begin to think about relocating to a new office.

The Location

Of course, you want this inside of the office to be nice and have all of the necessities, but the location plays a huge role as well. It’s like when you’re buying a house: you should pay attention to what’s going on inside the four walls, but don’t discount the street it’s on and the broader neighborhood. 

The location of the office will have two significant impacts. First, it’ll dictate how easy it is for your staff to get to work (which can also influence hiring decisions). Second, it can impact the perception of your brand. People will pay more attention to a company that has an enviable address, rather than one that’s located in a less trendy part of town. Finally, you don’t want to be in a location that is considered unsafe. You want your employees to feel comfortable while at work, and want your office to be secure while no one is there.

The Right Setup

You’ll have everything you need in your current office, but you shouldn’t assume that your new office will have everything you need. And if you’re designing your own office space, then there may not be anything there yet: it’ll only have what you add. 

Some things to consider checking on is to ensure that your new office has a low voltage system, internet connection, phone lines, and so on. If you’re moving to a more rural area, then you may need to work with a specialist company to make these things part of your office.

A Smooth Transition

You’ll be excited about your move to new office space, sure, but it’s important to remember that the show has to go on. It’s not as if you can just shut down your business until you’re settled into your new place. 

The best way to handle this transition is to move slowly. You can gradually transition to the new office, rather than trying to get everything done in one week. You may have to pay two rents for a little while, but it’ll be worth it if your business stays running well.

Adding Your Branding

If you’re getting a new office, then you may as well make the most of the opportunity and add your branding to the space. Think of your office as a blank canvas that you can paint with your branding. It’ll impress visitors and also remind staff of the company’s values. This is a great way to incorporate the culture of your office and add to it to give employees that burst of energy, boost of confidence, and increase team bonding.

Think Of The Future 

Finally, think of the future. Where do you think your company will be in five years, and will your new office be suitable? You don’t want to move all that often, so find the right space for now and the future too. 

Do you have any other tips for people who may consider relocating to a new office? Let us know in the comments below.

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