Three Professionals Who Can Help Your Business Run Smoothly

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Let’s get one thing straight: running your own business does not mean running a business on your own. In fact, building a trusted network of employees and freelancers is one of the easiest ways to ensure your success. This is because you’ll always be on top of your workload and able to meet customer demands. This can also reduce burnout considerably, perhaps even giving you the freedom to try the 4 day work week. 

As a result, outsourcing can help your business grow from strength to strength, while also helping keep your finances under control. This is because working with a freelancer/outsourced employee is generally cheaper than full-time hire. 

With that in mind, here are three professionals who you may want to consider outsourcing to help your business run smoothly. 

A lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer should not only be considered when things are going wrong; as there are various day-to-day tasks where their knowledge and expertise are useful. For example, if tax season is approaching, a corporate tax lawyer can help you to ensure you have filed your taxes correctly, resulting in the chances of you encountering problems further down the line. They can also help you improve your tax planning as a whole, especially as they can ensure you are not overpaying for tax. 

A Social Media Manager. 

In the digital age, growing your business means knowing exactly how to market yourself on social media, and while you may have a kick-ass marketing plan in place, most business owners find they do not have the time to run a full-time social media account. After all, it’s often not as easy as uploading a post and hoping for the best – you also have to manage your messages, engage with your followers and ensure that your content is both relevant to your brand and entertaining. You’ll also have to study your metrics to ensure your posts are actually helping to boost your custom. As a result, handing these duties over to an experienced social media manager will save you a great deal of time and energy. They’ll also have a greater understanding of how to use each platform’s algorithm to your advantage, ensuring your posts get seen. 

A Virtual Assistant.  

If you feel as though you spend most of your time on admin duties, you aren’t alone. In fact, a recent study found that 67%of business owners feel that their administrative burden is preventing them from focusing on the primary purpose of their business. While managing your phone lines and emails is important when it comes to customer satisfaction, this becomes problematic when it takes up the majority of your time and you are unable to carry out any other tasks.

Thankfully, you can resolve this issue by hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant (as the name suggests) joins your team remotely and can help with a range of administrative tasks. For example, they could be tasked with managing emails or responding to customer inquiries. This will give you the chance to get back to doing what you do best! 

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