The Uncommon Office Supplies You Should Have On-Hand

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Whether your office is big or small, you’ve probably got plenty of important supplies for things that you use around the office. You might not think much of them because you use them every day, but what would happen if those supplies were to try up? Would you still be able to function properly, or would it be difficult to get daily tasks and activities done?

In this post, we’ll be covering some of the more uncommon office supplies that you shouldn’t forget to stock up on.

Dusting supplies to keep your office clean

Dusting sounds like something you’d hire a cleaner for, but what if you’re just a small business with a small office? If this is the case, then you might be interested in just buying a few supplies to help you keep the place clean. A duster or two is usually enough to keep surfaces clean, but if you also have several computers then a can of compressed air can help you loosen dust that could impact the performance of your computers.

Dusting might not seem important, but it’s definitely one of those things that can greatly improve the appearance of your office and also keep it a healthy place for your staff to work. It doesn’t take much work to dust your office yourself, so consider getting a few supplies to save money.

Batteries for various things around the office

Batteries aren’t used as often these days because everything has some kind of rechargeable variant. However, for things like small alarms, security cameras, and even flashlights, you’ll still need to use batteries in order to keep them portable. In this case, you’ll want to look for the best 18650 battery for your needs, you might need to find batteries for remotes, and you might want to find battery replacements for electronics like laptops.

While batteries seem quite wasteful, remember that many of them can be recharged many times. In addition, batteries tend to be universal so they can fit in many different devices, and it means that you won’t have a battery that eventually swells up which requires a complete device replacement.

Stationery for various things around the office

Stationery includes a wide number of items. It could be pens for a whiteboard, it could be sticky notes, it could be pencils, or might even include staplers. It’s extremely important to keep these supplies healthy in your office because you never know when you might run out of something. It’s also a good idea to get these in bulk because you can save a lot of money.

We suggest buying stationery when it’s on sale or if you can find a supplier to sell them in bulk. This is especially important for offices that make use of traditional media for various things. It could be for brainstorming on a board, printing materials out to share with other teams, or even having employees take notes during interviews or presentations. While most companies do things digitally now, there are still plenty of businesses out there that heavily rely on stationery and traditional media. For those businesses, having spare supplies is invaluable.

Extra mice, keyboards, and other office peripherals

If you make heavy use of computers in your office then you might want to consider getting some spare peripherals. Items like mice, keyboards, mousepads, and even tablet pens can be bought in bulk for cheap from certain suppliers. This ensures that if something breaks, you can always replace it and get something new. For some companies, getting spare laptops makes a lot of sense too. This is because most larger corporations have employees log into cloud services and remote desktops to do their work, meaning the device itself doesn’t contain information or data that the employee needs to get their work done.

However, it’s usually best to get something that is durable in the first place. Mechanical keyboards are very affordable for office use these days and are generally a lot sturdier. Some employees may even bring in their own keyboards if they’re an enthusiast. But even then, having a few spares can make things a lot more convenient for your staff members. Whenever there’s a sale on computer peripherals, don’t hesitate to grab a bunch just to keep in storage so that they can be lent out to employees for remote use or if something breaks.

Spare cables and power plugs

One of the most annoying things that can hurt your productivity is not having extra cables and power plugs in your office. If you bring your laptop into the office and you don’t have a spare power cord to charge it, then you essentially can’t do any work. It sounds like a farfetched or unlikely situation, but you’d be surprised at just how annoying it can be when it does eventually happen. As such, always have some extra power cables and plugs for various devices around the office so that you’re never in a situation where you physically cannot work.

In addition, having extra cables for things such as computer monitors and smartphone or tablet chargers can be really useful. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy very specific cables. USB cables and Lightning cables are universal for various devices, meaning they can be replaced as long as the connectors fit. Just make sure to buy high-quality cables so that there’s less chance that something will break. You don’t want to have a fire started because of a cheap cable, so make sure you look at reviews and try to buy quality cables.

So whether it’s batteries for fire alarms that can keep your business safe, or even just extra boxes of printer paper, it’s never a bad idea to ensure that your office is stocked up and ready to go at all times. Forgetting certain items can hurt your productivity even if you’re a business that focuses on a digital workflow, so don’t overlook this important aspect of business operation.

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