Perfecting Your Pitch At Trade Shows

Trade Show

Whether you are planning on heading to your first trade show to launch a new product range or you are already a seasoned veteran when it comes to exhibitions, you want to get the most out of the experience. The most effective way of measuring your trade show success is through new leads and sales. Spending a day at a trade show is not about putting up a swanky banner and handing out some laminated flyers. You need to be proactive, talk to potential clients and network. Take a look at these tips to help you get the most out of your trade show experience.

The Booth

Often at expos, the ground that a visitor has to cover can be the size of three or four football pitches with booths and stands crammed inside the arena or hall like sardines in a can. With so many exhibitors, you need to make sure that you stand out. It pays to check out the range of bespoke exhibition stands online to ensure you move away from generic designs to something more customized to your brand. You could secure an interactive display for your stand, hook it up to audio visual equipment and ensure that your branding and logo can be seen at all times.

As well as the stand itself, you need to consider the interior. You may have space to create a seating area so you could give talks or facilitate water cooler chats. The visual aesthetics of your stand are the first thing that greets any potential client, and you need to create a positive initial impression.

Look Smart

It’s time to pick up a new suit and polish up your brogues so that you appear professional and exude confidence. People who visit your stand will be investing in you as well as your company. Think about how much you love the product or service that you provide and exude this enthusiasm through every conversation that you have.

The Product

The best way for potential customers to get a feel for what you are offering is for them to see the product. Let them touch it and explore its functions. Better still show it in action and create a demonstration area inside your booth. This will generate a buzz as crowds gather to witness the revolutionary item. If you find that it is getting too busy and people appear to be missing out, ensure that you have a laptop or two set up with a continual slideshow detailing what you have to offer. This way, consumers can still get a feel for what you are about and can contact you at a later date if they don’t get chance to chat with you at the trade show.


Everyone loves a good freebie, and the amount of bag laden visitors you see at a trade show demonstrates just how much people love the branded mouse mat, mug, and retractable pencil gimmicks. Get in on the action but think a little outside the box to offer up something a little more useful to enhance your marketing strategy. Branded flash drives or lanyards could be more beneficial to your potential customer. As they discuss your freebies with other visitors while they network, you’ll receive some free word of mouth marketing.

By putting in the effort to make your experience the most lead generating it can be, you will see an expansion in your established customer base and an inevitable increase in sales as you perfect your pitch at the trade show.

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