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You’re in business, which means you’ve no doubt heard some form of ‘fact’ about how it costs three, five, seven or sometimes ten times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. The actual figure is somewhat irrelevant, though. The point is it costs a substantial amount more. Not only that but nurturing relationships with your customers is one of the most crucial assets you have when it comes to growing your business, something you can’t do very easily with newbies.

The big question is, how do you go about solidifying your relationships in a meaningful way that is also simple to implement. By making your customers fall in love with the way you operate, in which even the most subtle detail can achieve. So, let’s get to it shall we:

Treat Them Right

We started this article with a sort of fact. So how about an actual one: customers who get an issue resolved tend to boast of this experience to an average of 4.6 people. That’s a great way to improve your customer basis simply by improving the experience of your existing customers. The best way to resolve an issue is to talk to them like people, not like numbers. That means being genuine.

Listen To Them

There has never been a more important time listen (thanks to the growth in competition) nor has there ever been an easier time to listen (two-way communication is now a thing). The reason why listening is so important is simple: these people are telling you how you can improve your service. A great way to improve your ability to listen is to actively go out and seek your customer’s opinion.

Make Buying Easier

We live in a world where simplicity and on-demand rule the roost. People can no longer be bothered to drive to a video store, or walk into a bank or stand in line when the queue is long. That is why you need to improve the speed at which they can buy from you. Something like the TallyRegister POS will grant you this wish in store, which is extremely beneficial to their experience while having an option to buy with one-click online is going to improve their online experience and your online sales.

Transparency Works Wonders

There is a lot of mistrust circulating around the digital world and that is something you need to be conscious of because trust is one of the most critical variables in any relationship. To make your operation more transparent, things like letting them track their orders, letting them know where your product is made and having a contact us page are all simple but effective routes you can go down.

Do The Little Things

It is the little things in life that make the biggest differences, so just think about what little things you can do that will make your customers smile a little more. It could be free WiFi at your premises, having a popcorn machine to make your space smell nice, using the customer’s first name when interacting or offering them a free cup of freshly ground coffee. Like we said, the little things.

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