Key Factors That Impact Your Company’s Street Cred

To launch a successful business, you need more than a ton of money and the correct employees in the right areas. Sure, they help, but how the company conducts itself is the most significant factor. When your standing and reputation in the industry are on point, then the rest will follow. 

Sadly, as Warren Buffett says: “It takes five years to build a reputation, and five seconds to destroy it.” As a result, you must understand the key factors that impact how people view you. Then, you can strengthen weak spots before rumors start to spread.

Carry on reading to find out more the values you should focus on all the time.

Data Leaks

Never mind small businesses and startups – even massive firms struggle to come back from a data breach. There are lots of examples, but Uber and Facebook have to be the two most significant ones. Once customers and clients see how you treat their info, they’ll never trust you with it again, and your brand will fade from consciousness. That’s why cybersecurity is pivotal. Ensuring that files are encrypted and backups are stored off-site seems basic, yet their influence is enormous in worst-case scenarios.

Social Media

Everyone understands how straightforward it is to ruin a reputation on Facebook and Instagram. It only takes a single post. What you might not be aware of is how social media is fantastic at uplifting your brand and raising awareness. Regardless of size, a witty, original quip can go viral in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, audiences will see your company as the contemporary, creative type that’s willing to go the extra mile. The trick is to learn techniques that allow you to leverage social media to garner attention. Also, don’t forget to train employees on how to avoid putting their foot in their mouths!

The Environment

Consumers are more idealistic than ever. What this means is that they won’t choose brands that don’t fit in with their morals. And, they don’t have to when the rise of sustainable businesses is skyrocketing. The environment is, without a doubt, a universal topic among audiences regardless of the demographic. Therefore, trying to phase out plastic bags, donating to charitable causes, and starting in-house recycling drives will catch their eye. Okay, you need to strike a balance as people hate brands that preach, but you can always use your blog as a vehicle to document your efforts to save the planet.

Corporate Performance

All the above are key players in the reputation game, of that there is no doubt. Of course, none of them will help your business if you aren’t performing to high standards. Even if you do reduce your carbon footprint and post funny things on social media, it won’t be enough to convince them to change their loyalties. Customers and clients need physical evidence, which is why you must focus on hitting your goals every quarter. That way, they’ll have faith in what you are offering.

How has your street cred changed? Do you think that investing in these ideas will help give it a boost?


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