Is There Such Thing As Unimportant Communication In Business?

Prepare to roll your eyes or scratch your head because you need to answer a question. Is there such as thing as unimportant communication in business? Indeed we all know that communication is its own currency and some might even describe it as a tool that no business can thrive without. Well, there’s the logistical and structural communication that matters for the hierarchy to exist. This allows ideas and problems to rise to the surface so you can understand and see what’s happening inside your business. However, there’s also the background noise which you do have a right to get to later. So we can admit now that not every single communication is absolutely a top priority. But how do you react to such moments when you know that you can focus on something later?

Tasks that are done

The everyday life of the office can be boring and for good reason. People are just doing their work, going about their way and completing tasks. It’s pretty monotonous at times but that’s because it has to be. The general tasks aren’t going to be anything to write home about. Therefore why should employees update their managers on what is done or what is still outstanding all the time? Some offices really do need to put their faith in certain task-oriented software that will allow them to see in real-time what kind of tasks are being completed. This is why task management softwares have taken off in recent years. Finally, they have been designed with an inherent cloud network. Now everyone can see with just a few clicks, what task is being done by who at any stage. However one of the benefits of this kind of software is that you can also stick notes to your tasks for the next person or manager to read. As a business owner, this just allows simple communication to happen so much smoother. Face to face communication is still invaluable but the simple stuff doesn’t need to be so.

Bane of general inquiries

Every business is inundated with simple questions that could be answered in two seconds by the very same people who ask them. This is why you need to take pride in your ‘about us’ page because it stops consumers asking you things that would just waste your time answering. On the other hand, you also don’t want to be rude and just put the phone down to any calls that you receive along these lines. Phone answering services are a massive help to deciphering what is important and what isn’t important external communication. You can set your service to forward only the types of calls you want to. This could be from clients that are inquiring about a potential meeting or perhaps a customer that wants to complain, wants a refund for their product and or service. If it’s just someone asking where you are based or what kinds of services and products you offer, this can be left with the answering service to take a message. The ‘about us’ page should have your brief introduction and an embedded Google Maps insert so anyone can locate your business.

Can it wait?

Ah employees, they are the blood that keeps the heart pumping in any business. However, they do sometimes come out with some bizarre and basic questions too. Business projects need to have a general description of the motives i.e. a call to action file. In this call to action it will lay out the plans and hopes for a product and what each department will be doing to make it a reality. If you do have employees asking you questions about their role or for certain information that could be accessed by reading the call to action report, then you can ask them to ask you again after they have ready it thoroughly. For these types of cases it is a time to tell them that their question can wait. You might be very busy and stressed so when an employee is confused or not sure of what to do despite the information already been given to them, it’s within your right as a boss to just put their questions off to the side for now. Be firm, but be polite when doing this.

Communication is a tricky thing to get right. Every business has its moments when it needs to reevaluate how it communicates within hierarchies. A modern task management software is a brilliant way to stop general chit chat from happening about basic notes to questions. A call answering service can split the important and unimportant external inquiries to make life less of a headache also.

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