Why Identity Is Your Key To Everything In A One Product Business

Every single aspect of running a business has its difficulties, this has been proven time and time again. No doubt if you haven’t had any just yet, you will at some point. One of the really important things is to get your marketing in check. This is very difficult if you’re running a company that sells only one product. If you have a smorgasbord of items to sell you’ve got a wider canvas of things to draw from, so you can attract certain demographics, but when there’s one product, it proves to be difficult. Though marketing just the one product has its positives, it also has a few negatives. So what’s the best approach to marketing a one track business?

Don’t Underestimate Your Branding

This is probably the most important thing. A lot of people think that if they’re not getting the clicks and the traffic, then they need to diversify or modify the product to make it more “popular,” but if you decide to do this, you’re doing it wrong. To establish a trustworthy brand, you need to understand what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. This is all about the product, and an inherent knowledge of who it would predominately appeal to. A product like jewelry can appeal to a wide range of customers, but this is why gemmology and courses in the history of the stones is an essential part of the process in jewelry stores because the origins are such an enticing part of the buying process. Your branding needs to communicate two things, trustworthiness, and excitability.

Look At How You Communicate

Depending on your clients, your marketing methods will vary. How you communicate with your customers and clients is a big part of marketing your brand, as is the frequency in how often you liaise with them. Running a jewelry store requires a lot of liaising with other businesses to best find out the current trends or to source an item. In this respect, there is a lot of antique hunting involved, so having a jewelry stores mailing list of territories, manufacturers, or chain store lists should be a high priority. You need to identify yourself as an influencer in whatever industry you’re in from the customer perspective as well as your competitors. This is all down to how you personalize yourself which lends itself to your communication methods.  

Identify Your Core Values

By looking at your business and establishing what its core values are, this is how you will find out how to best communicate yourself across the board. Internally, in terms of its politics, to externally, how its perceived by everyone. For example, if you are looking at pushing the environmentally-friendly aspects to your audience, are you doing everything as organically as possible? It’s best to look at your business and see what is already there, rather than to add things into the mix which can make it look disingenuous.

Mixing your mission with the core values will give you a complete and cohesive identity, and your identity is the most important thing across the board when it comes to marketing in any way, shape, or form.

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