How to Encourage Your Staff to Live Healthier Lives

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A healthy team will almost always result in a more productive company. After all, your employees are the backbone of your business and if they’re not feeling 100%, your company is going to suffer and be noticeably slower and sluggish. To prevent this, it’s vital that you encourage your staff to live healthier lives. This will help prevent sick days and low performance that will eventually cause issues in your business.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of ways to encourage your staff to live healthier lives.

Improving commute habits

There are plenty of unique ways to encourage your staff to be healthier with their commutes. A few simple examples include getting your employees to walk more often or even setting up outdoor bike storage to encourage them to cycle to work. Even a bit of exercise during the commute can make a big difference in your staff’s health, especially if they have to sit for long periods of time when they’re at work.

Taking more breaks to avoid long sitting periods

Another important thing to consider is taking more regular breaks so that your staff has a chance to stretch their muscles. Staying in a single position for too long can have adverse effects and it’s important to give your staff time away from their desk. This could be to reduce eye strain from staring at the computer or just to work their muscles a bit so that they don’t get cramps. Frequent breaks are an important consideration especially if your employees will be working hard for long periods of time.

Upgrading the ergonomics in your office

Another way to encourage staff to live healthier lives is to improve the ergonomics in your office. This can be quite a pricey way to improve your office but it’s well worth the investment. Ergonomics can include different types of mice and keyboards that allow for more comfortable working positions, adjustable desks so they can stand while working or a better-quality chair so that they don’t hurt their back when sitting for a long time.

Encourage healthier eating habits

Unless your company is blessed with lots of fresh and healthy food options, you’ll want to try an encourage better eating habits to help prevent your staff from snacking on too much fast food. A good example of this would be adding fruits to the staff room, speaking to catering services for healthy food options or even working out a partnership with local fast-food restaurants that offer healthy options. You could even give incentives to staff for bringing in their own healthy meals from home instead of going out to a local fast food place to eat lunch.

In short, it’s important to consider things such as your staff’s eating habits, the ergonomics of your office and also their commutes in order to improve their well-being in the workplace. Doing so will greatly reduce the chances of an accident happening and also improve the overall productivity in your workplace.

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