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When running a business, your website is the ultimate tool for attracting new customers to your product. However, too many websites are underused and are thrown together without a lot of care put into them. You need to be different. To show you care for your customers, there needs to be time and effort on your part in making your website user-friendly and an attractive place to be. Here are several ways you can improve your site to keep your online customers coming back to you on a regular basis.

Fresh content

If you don’t add regular content to your site, your customers might assume you are no longer in business. Let them know you still exist by posting fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. For example, assuming you have a blog (and you really should), write something new, daily or weekly. Obviously, you want to keep your posts relevant to your product, so don’t give your customer an update on your personal life, no matter how compelling you think it is. Talk about new offers and product information in an interesting way, giving a hint of your personality in the text.

You should also update your image galleries with high-resolution pictures of your latest products. These should be upfront and center on your web page, providing an attractive focal point when a new customer arrives at your site. There needs to be the ‘wow’ factor, so great photos, as well as a colorful page design should keep your visitor sticking around for longer.

Create a personal touch

A lot of websites are impersonal, so you need to show the human face behind your product. For example, an ‘About Me’ page is useful. This is not about giving your customers your life story, but rather a short account of who you are with your business values and mission statement. You should also include a photograph of yourself, letting visitors know you are human, and not an automated computer system running the website.

There needs to be a way of communicating to your customers, as they may have queries about a product or an order they have made. Having a SnatchApp installed onto your website, a business phone number or a contact form, will ensure your customers can easily contact you, and vice versa. When a customer raises a query, answer them as soon as you can, in a professional and courteous manner.

Hook your customer in

In short, you need to attract your visitors with bait, such as special offers and discounts for regular customers. Your prices need to be competitive to ensure you stand out from the competition, so undercutting your rivals is a must. Ask yourself the important question: why should somebody buy from me? Cheaper products are one way, but you could also offer free shipping and a decent returns policy. Your competitors are only a click of a button away, so hook your customers in with as many attractive deals as you can, and remind them to keep coming back with the occasional email and newsletter.

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