Entrepreunership Isn’t Easy, In Fact, It May Be Getting Harder

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Entrepreneurs are important to this world. Without them, many businesses wouldn’t exist today and contribute massively to the economy. However, there are things that every entrepreneur needs to consider before they make the change. Being in business changes the way that you pay tax and many other things. Needless to say, you should be looking at your finances constantly. Even Dee Agarwal agrees that entrepreneurs are incredibly important to the world.

How to look at your income tax effectively.

Every business owner pays income tax on their profits. Profit in business is sales turnover less expenses. Every year, a report on the previous year’s income (assessment report) must be submitted to the income tax. The assessment report includes all the income of the business owner. Profits from the business, income from salary, income from rent, pension benefits, and social security. All these must be specified in the report. In terms of business – income less recognized expenses = taxable income = profit according to which the income tax to be paid is calculated (the calculation is made according to tax brackets. The tax brackets for employee and self-employed are the same). This is the formula in a big way, in practice beyond the recognized expenses there are all sorts of other items that reduce income – offsets, exemptions, deductions – in order to reach the final profit, and there are income tax credit points that reduce income tax payment (just like an employee)

Manage the business yourself 

Many entrepreneurs are the owner or CEO of their own businesses. Therefore, the business owner takes on the role of all the managers that exist in a large organization. She is VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, VP of Finance, VP of Product Development and they are also the graphic designer and secretary. And let’s not forget that they are also the one who at the end of the day does the majority of the work in the business. When it comes to a small one-woman business, one-woman show, in the first stage, it is not advisable to transfer these roles to other people. Especially in today’s world, the current crisis means that there are certainly a lot of financial difficulties arising that are beyond anyone’s control. You should seek out guidance and instruction, but leaving the job in these positions with the business owner – for two reasons:

  1. In order for the business owner to know if the service provider is doing a good job and achieving the desired results – the business owner must know for herself the work that the service provider performs for her, otherwise, she will not be able to evaluate the quality of work of the service provider.
  2. Budget – If the business owner has more free time than money, it may be better for them to do the work themselves. As the business progresses and profits grow – there is room to outsource (give the work to service providers) some of the tasks that are in the business (of course it depends on the business and the business owner).
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