How to Engage Your Blog Readers

Engage Blog Readers

Driving traffic to your blog is an important factor of any blog’s success, but what’s equally important is having the content that will make your readers want to return. By engaging your readers, you’ll start to see a change in, not only the amount of visitors to your site, but also the amount of activity and retention.

Below are some things you can do to help better engage your audience:

How to Engage Your Blog Readers

Add Some Variety to Your Posts
Written content is great, but your readers also like visuals. Try incorporating charts, infographics, pictures, video and other kinds of media and visuals into your posts to help compliment your content and enhance the overall experience for your readers. Not sure where to get visuals from? If you don’t have photos or videos on hand, try these resources: Flickr Creative Commons (Photos), YouTube (Videos), and SlideShare (Presentations).

Reference Other Bloggers
Know other bloggers that have content relevant to yours? Share it with your readers! Just be sure to not copy and paste their full post. It’s fine to pull quotes (and be sure to provide credit with a link back to their site) – and let the blogger know you mentioned them. This is a great way to help develop relationships that end up being mutually beneficial.

Ask Your Readers Questions…
The best way to get your readers talking is by giving them something to talk about. Asking them a question that pertains to your content is like a digital icebreaker. Your one simple question could spur all kinds of conversation on your blog, and that’s exactly what you want: to get people talking.

…Then Comment When They Answer!
Get involved in the conversations you start. This way your audience will get to know the person behind the blog, and you’ll also get to know your audience better. Knowing your audience better will help you decide on what content will interest them in the future.

What are some tips that you stick to when engaging your audience? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in our comment section below.

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